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Forsaken World Mobile Articles

Large New Expansion Features Server Wide Epic Dungeons

Fedeen Games has announced that the first large expansion for Forsaken World Mobile has launched and is filled with lots of new content for players to explore, most notably players can take part in server wide epic dungeons and the new 3v3 arena.

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Epic Dungeons  Bring Massive Server-Wide Co-Op Gaming

Forsaken World Mobile players will be able to take part in 'massive server-wide events' with the launch of the Epic Dungeons expansion. These are global events that begin when fifty level 65 players are present on a server. Players will take part in a series of challenges while the fifty strongest players will take on dungeons to face off against increasingly difficult bosses. Questing outside keeps the Epic Dungeon open.

New Expansion to Include 3v3 Arena Play

Fedeen Games has announced that Forsaken World Mobile will be expanding soon. Players have access to personal Dreamscapes with a Faerie that can provide buffs and blessings after tribute is paid. With the upcoming expansion, Faeries will have more customization options with its own attributes, Relics and other upgrades that provide even more significant bonuses for players.

Next Expansion Focused On New Skills, Talents & More

Fedeen Games has revealed much more information about the next large update for Forsaken World Mobile. The expansion will be focused on tons of new talents and skills, epic dungeons and 3v3 arenas.

Server-wide Dungeons & 3v3 Arena Play Coming Soon

Fedeen games has announced that the next content expansion for Forsaken World Mobile will be coming later this spring. Players can look forward to new elite dungeons that will take cooperative gameplay to new heights as the entire server will take part. In addition, 3v3 arena play will be included as well as character-wide improvements and enhancements.

Babel Ascending Update Launched

Fedeen Games has announced that the latest update to Forsaken World Mobile has officially launched. Called "Babel Ascending", the new content brings a one-hundred floor tower into the game, each level filled with tons of loot, packs of monsters and fearsome bosses.

Expansion Challenges Highlighted in New Video

Fedeen Games has released a new video that shows off some of the challenging content people will find in the next Forsaken World Mobile expansion, Babel Ascending. Players will be able to challenge a tower with 100 levels packed with powerful monsters and even more powerful bosses. Check it out!

Babel Ascending Expansion Announced

Fedeen Games has announced that Forsaken World Mobile will be expanding soon with Babel Ascending. Players will be able to check out the literal tower of Babel dungeon that features 100 floors with tons of monsters and epic loot. In addition, three new world bosses will be roaming around waiting for packs of players to find them and take them down.

Achievement Earned - Over 1 Million Google Play Downloads

Fedeen Games has announced that Forsaken World Mobile has been downloaded over a million times through Google Play and has been recognized as one of its Top Developers.

iOS & Android Versions Released

Fedeen Games has announced that both the iOS and Android versions of Forsaken World Mobile are now available worldwide. In addition a trio of servers are now live to serve players. Two servers are US-based, one in the EU.

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Ready for Release on July 23rd

Fedeen Games has announced that its forthcoming mobile title, Forsaken World Mobile, will be officially launching on July 23rd. Soft launch is already underway in Canada, with the rest of the world joining the battle next week. To pass the time, Fedeen is conducting a character class quiz and choosing winners for in-game items when FWM launches.

Fashion Clothing Revealed

Fedeen Games is approaching 20,000 registered fans for its upcoming release of Forsaken World Mobile and has announced that it has won the "Top Developer" badge from Google Play. Lastly, fashion outfits are on tap for release as well and players can get a good look at them on the game's site.

New Video Spotlights PvP & Dungeon Action

Fedeen Games has released a new gameplay video from Forsaken World Mobile. This time, both PvP and dungeon running are featured in the video and give players a good look at the way cooperative play will be handled. Players are invited to head to the Google Play site to preregister for the game that will score a pair of unlock codes for epic items when Forsaken World Mobile is released later this year.