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    Digital Homicide
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    2014 (01/01/2015)
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Forsaken Uprising Overview

Forsaken Uprising is a sandbox construction, first person perspective, multiplayer, survival MMO game based in a medieval setting. Crafting, herding, planting, and resource gathering all contribute towards the safety and well being of your Forsaken. The experience has been geared towards fast paced action as well as down time to prepare for combat and create a safe haven. The games creation spawned from several years of disdain by the developers at being unable to find something we wanted to play. Digital Homicides development team were all MUD fans from many years ago and we wanted to create an environment similar to it but not based on the same level grind. Some of our visions for the near future are aimed at an overland map to give another level to the game play.

Survival & Sandbox Combined

Survival games have been all the rave the last few years and we have seen just about every flavor imaginable. We have also seen numerous construction games being developed to provide a virtual sandbox for every to play in. What we haven’t seen too many of is a marriage of these two types of games and put into the same package.