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    Unity 3D
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    Holy Fire Games
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    12/31/17 (11/16/2017)
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Forsaken Legends Overview

Forsaken Legends is a mixture of survival, base building, exploration, and MMORPG. Players can explore endless procedural worlds with static content mixed in, build massive structures, engage in PvP, PvE, and massive random world events. Players can also enjoy full raid experiences and full guild support. Forsaken Legends mixes the best of multiple game genres into a new fresh take on the MMORPG scene.


  • Build And Defend Fortresses! | Build amazing structures on your own piece of land. Defend against enemy attacks for awesome loot! Team up with allies or defend by yourself.
  • Explore An Endless Procedural World! | Massive and endless world possibilities. No two areas are ever the same! Random bosses, enemies, and loot are just a few of the things you’ll encounter.
  • Battle Epic Bosses! | Solo, small group, and guild boss battles await you in Forsaken Legends! Can you defeat the mighty Forsaken?
  • Guilds! | Full guild support including user levels, guild bases, and more! The universe is a large place, band together to defeat the Forsaken!
  • Expansive Crafting System! | Tons of crafting paths to choose from. Blacksmithing, alchemy, herbalism, and much, much more. Crafting in Forsaken Legends never becomes obsolete, especially in end-game!