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    Sports Interactive
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    01/23/09 (05/31/2011)
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Football Manager Live Overview

Football Manager Live was the online incarnation of the popular Football Manager game series. This entry followed the previous installments in presenting a management sim for fans, while being different in letting players build their football club from the ground up from over 300,000 real-life players as well as names and uniforms.

The game featured 10 leagues and catered to various play styles. For the more tactical player, strategies would focus on unlocking defensive moves or extra techniques, while a less-experienced or more action-based player might have focused on upgrading coaching.

Action in Football Manager Live was shown in the form of 2-D matches, and competition took place in league as well as in knockout round tournaments. Play was turn-based, and moves subject to a time limit. If a player needed to be away, the option existed to pre-set one's team settings and allow an AI manager to play for them. Friendly matches were an option, as well as small tournaments between friends, even for prizes. There were also full-fledged training systems, upgrade options, a transfer system, the economic side of a club to look after, as well as many options for interaction between managers.

Football Manager Live was cancelled in May 2011 due to a lack of subscribers.

Football Manager Live Review

In the latest MMORPG.com review, Adam Tingle takes a look at Football Manager Live. For we Yanks, that means soccer and as Adam so well points out, Europeans do love their soccer, their 'football'. Adam takes a comprehensive look at the game and offers his opinion of what's right and what might need some work. Check it out and then let us know what you think.