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Flyff and Rappelz Are Hosting A Giveaways This Month, Doling Out Bora Coins

Developer Gala Lab is hosting a giveaway across two of their MMOs, Flyff and Rappelz, that could see some players earn cash prizes this month. The Bora Coin Giveaway starts on April 7th.

Turning Point Part 2 Launches in Europe & North America

Webzen is reporting that Flyff has been updated to bring the Turning Point Part 2 content expansion online. Players will find the "newly besieged" Mars Mine dungeon that is packed with new armor, weapons and gems tailored for the high-level player. In addition, the level cap has been increased to 170, new Guild War rewards have been added and the new Fusion system is available.

Turning Point Saga to End with Part 2 Release on March 27th

Flyff players will see the Turning Point story arc come to a close when the second part of the content expansion launches on March 27th. The Mars Mine dungeon is the oldest in the game and has been reworked for Part 2. "It is inhabited by some of the most fearsome monsters ever seen in the game." Players who venture through the dungeon will gain access to new gear.

Turning Point Part 1 Expansion Released

Flyff has expanded yet again with the release of the Turning Point Part 1 update according to a press announcement from Webzen. Both European and North American servers have been patched with the expanded content that includes a level cap increase to 155, a new dungeon called Rhisis' Trail for high level players, an overhauled card upgrade system that also brings new cards into the game. Lastly players can take part in the game in English, French or German.

Turning Point Part 1 Coming August 16th

Flyff will be getting a new content expansion on August 16th. Called Turning Point Part 1, players will be able to experience new quests and much more. In addition, server merges for both American and German servers will be implemented after the release of Turning Point Part 1, a long-awaited community request.

Turning Point Part 1 Expected in NA/EU in 2016

Webzen has announced that the North American and European Flyff servers will be updated with the most current expansion later in 2016. Called Turning Point Part 1, the expansion has been active on Asian servers while players in NA/EU have been waiting for an update that has now arrived.

10th Anniversary Bash Begins, Lasts Through January 5th

Flyff has been online in North America for a decade now and Webzen is celebrating with players in a big way. From now through January 5th, players will receive a number of neat gifts and be able to participate in 3x XP boosts and on December 25th a special 1-day 10x XP boost during a random 10 minute stretch each hour will kick off.

Webzen Launching EU Service

Webzen has announced that it will be launching European service for Flyff beginning December 2nd. Potential players can pre-download the new client and get ready for tomorrow's launch. The team has in-game events and prizes for players logging in during the opening of the server.

Probably More Like Copper

Recently, perennial favorite, Flyff, underwent a drastic makeover with the result being the new "Gold" version of the game. We check out Flyff Gold to see how it's faring under the new system. Read on!

SOTW: Flyff Gold Edition Winner's Announcement

After poring over your awesome Flyff Gold screenshots, we've selected our winner of our latest Screenshot of the Week contest!

Screenshot of the Week: Flyff Gold Edition!

Everyone loves to take screenshots of their favorite games, and we want you to share them with us and the rest of the MMORPG.com community! To that end, we're back with our latest Screenshot of the Week feature, and we're looking to give out some cool swag. This week, we'll be focusing on Flyff Gold screenshots.

Gold Version Launches

The completely overhauled and updated Flyff Gold has officially launched as of today, July 11th. The Gold version of the game features new textures, new character portraits, new music, and much more. Check out the launch day trailer!

Flyff Gold Trailer

Visit flyff.gpotato.com to take to the skies in Flyff!

Gold Version to Launch July 11

Flyff players have a lot to look forward to with the approach of July and the arrival of the "blinged" up version of the game. The team has lots of new features for players to try out including the weapon transformation system.

Updated Game Client 'Gold' Coming in July

The Flyff team has announced that the game will be undergoing a major upgrade that will be available to players in July. Called Flyff Gold, the team says that it will bring a "fresh look, sleek interface, and brand new systems" to the game.