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Flamefrost Legacy Overview

Flamefrost is a browser-based isometric MMORPG inspired by the table-top game "Dungeons & Dragons", along with a few classic RPGs from the 90's, re-imagined in the style of modern MMOs. The game is portable across any devices having a browser and an internet connection, as it runs on pure JavaScript. It features 140,000 square miles of 3D landscapes and a single-world server technology capable of supporting tens of thousands players online in one game realm.

  • No "pay-to-win" content | Flamefrost's content is available in full to all players for free, without restrictions, "VIP-only-functionality", ads or banners.
  • Endless supply of loot | More than 50,000 unique in-game items to find, craft and purchase.
  • Dozens of skill to master | 43 skills in total, from Herbalism and Woodworking, to Conjuration and Planar Travel.
  • Non-linear character development | dozens of unique spells and abilities per class, affected by customizable primary attributes, skills and the option to improve any spell individually on new levels using upgrade points.
  • No "High-Level Grind" | Character levels are gained randomly (with the "level up chance" increasing as the character skills advance) after killing any worthy opponent in the world. You will never have to kill thousands of creatures to get the next level, as every kill is a gamble!
 A Different Kind of Browser MMO

In this day and age, it’s hard to be successful when it comes to turn-based combat games. The buzzword driving MMO and RPG development is action, action, action. Saying fi to that, Northern Tales: Flamefrost Legacy is a turn-based browser MMORPG put out by Epic Dragon. The game’s main view is an aerial view map where you move your icon (representing your character) around the grid like surface.