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Tournament on Wheels on Its Way

Red 5 Studios has announced that it will be attending this year's Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles. Devs will be bringing its "Mobile Gaming Unit" to the show which is basically a 48' long gaming space for players to check out Firefall.

First Manga Issue Launching Today

Red 5 Studios has announced that today marks the first release of a manga series dedicated to Firefall. The series is written by Orson Scott Card Emily Janice Card with artwork provided by UDON Comics. The plan is for weekly issues to be released through 2013.

Red 5 to Open EU Office

The Red 5 team has announced that a new office will be opening in Cork, Ireland later this year. The new office will help spearhead Firefall's EU iteration and the move will create thirty jobs in the area.

Fans Spoke, They Listened

In the latest Firefall update, the development team chats about fan feedback about the game and how they have responded to what players have said. The discussion centers around how gameplay is set to evolve into a more skill-based system.

Game Face: 1st Impressions of the Firefall Closed Beta

In this video Pokket discusses Firefall, which is still in closed beta. She briefly covers the classes, but goes in depth about the Engineer, and also covers open world and PvP. MMORPG http://www.mmorpg.com/ Pokket's Twitter https://twitter.com/Pokketsays Pokket's Stream http://twitch.tv/pokket Firefall http://www.firefallthegame.com/home Music: 1. http://machinimasound.com/2012/03/sunlight/ 2. http://machinimasound.com/2012/04/infected-euphoria/ 3. http://www.incompetech.c

Firefall Beta - Sabotage PVP with Bill, Grakulen, and RipperX

Bill, Grakulen, and RipperX dive into match-made PVP with the help of Lyra the Beta Master-Player... and soundly get destroyed. But it's fun! Watch and be entertained! Watch as Bill shoots and hits lots of nothing. BEWARE MILD SWEARING! (Im)mature audiences only. -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/ISxEAC

Extra Credits - Firefall - Staged Content Approach

Daniel, James, and Alison from Extra Credits help convey the idea of Firefall's staged content approach to game publishing and game development. Sign up for beta at http://www.firefallthegame.com Follow Us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/red5studios Like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/firefall

First Impressions with Ripper X

Ripper steps into Firefall, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG/MMOFPS, with highly stylized artwork and an emphasis on tactical combat. Players step about two hundred years in the future, and into The Melding, a ferocious energy storm that has engulfed Earth. An evil alien race called The Chosen arrived around the same time that humans discovered crystite, a new energy source now being used to power the battleframes employed to fight The Chosen. Firefall is set to have PvE and PvP play, across a vi

PAX East Hands On Preview

Red 5 Studios was out in force at this year's PAX East and we were on hand to check out their upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS, FireFall. Read on for our full hands-on preview!

The Game Hopper - Firefall Beta with Bill - Watch me be terrible!

Bill plays Firefall's beta with Grakulen for a while. Some PVE thumping, and some terrible performance in PVP matches... but hey, we tried! -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/HFXIiD

PAX East 2012 - Firefall Interview with Scott Youngblood - MMORPG.com

MMORPG.com's Hillary "Pokket" Nicole caught up with Firefall's Lead Designer Scott Youngblood (also the original Tribes mastermind from the days of yore) to chat about Red 5's MMO shooter. MMORPG: http://www.mmorpg.com Pokket's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pokketsays http://www.firefallthegame.com/home

Interview with Scott Youngblood

MMORPG.com's Hillary "Pokket" Nicole caught up with Firefall's Lead Designer Scott Youngblood (also the original Tribes mastermind from the days of yore) to chat about Red 5's MMO shooter.

Live Stream TONIGHT!

Want to see just exactly how Firefall looks and plays? If so, be sure to swing by the MMORPG.com Live Stream page TONIGHT at 10 EST (9 CST, 8 MST, 7 PST). Be sure to come equipped with questions for Grakulen as he takes on Red 5's upcoming game.

NDA Lifts

The NDA has officially lifted for those players who have been beta testing Red 5's Firefall. Our own Grakulen has been a busy guy and has several awesome videos to show off some of Firefall's features.

Closed Beta Access 24/7 Starting April 2nd

In a letter posted to the Firefall site, Red 5 Studios has announced that closed beta testers will be able to access game servers 24/7 beginning Monday, April 2nd. In addition, the beta pool players are going to be playing on the same servers as PAX East attendees who access the game during the convention. In other words, "BE NICE!"