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Firefall Articles

Richard Pearsey Tasked with Game's Story

Red 5 has announced that the writer of Spec Ops: The Line has joined the Firefall team and will be heading up the development of the story line.

Final Public Beta Event Coming This Friday

Firefall will be entering its final public beta event beginning Friday, June 7th and run through the weekend. Players taking part this weekend will have the opportunity to score both in-game and out of game rewards.

Open Beta Coming in July

Firefall fans will be happy to hear that Red 5 has announced that the open beta for the MMOFPS will officially kick off on July 9th. Red 5 also outlined the final major plans for the closed beta leading up to the launch of open beta in July.

Red 5's Big 2013 Plans - PAX East 2013

We were present at Red 5's Firefall presentation during this year's PAX East convention, and recorded all of CEO Mark Kern's presentation on what the game has planned for 2013 leading up to launch.

Founder's Pack Contest Winners Announcement

With all entries now in, we're ready to announce our winners in the Firefall Founder's Pack contest! As a reminder, all winners were selected at random.

Founder's Pack Contest

MMORPG.com is partnering with Red 5 Studios to bring you a chance to win win an awesome Commander or Ensign Founder's Pack for Firefall.

MMOFTW Live with Scott Youngblood

Rob Lashley and Bill Murphy will be joined by Red 5 Studios' Scott Youngblood to talk all things Firefall. He'll be talking up the week that was in MMO news with Bill and Rob, and then will lead the two on an in-game tour of the latest Firefall content ahead of the major beta weekend event in Red 5's upcoming MMO shooter. The MMOFTW Live broadcast will take place on Thursday, February 21st from 9-10:00 pm EST (6:00 pm PST). Join us in the MMORPG.com live stream channel.

New Trailer Celebrates Upcoming Beta Event

Red 5 Studios has released a brand new video from Firefall in celebration of this weekend's beta event for the upcoming MMOFPS. Since the first beta weekend, the team has made significant improvements to several game systems that players will be able to test this weekend. In addition, prizes will be offered to players.

Gameplay Trailer - Verticality

A new Firefall gameplay trailer -- a Free to Play, MMO, FPS from Red 5 Studios. Jetpacks, gliders, and vertical exploration are a few of the features that earns Firefall a spot on MMO Hut's Most Anticipated Game of 2013. Social media: Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/firefall https://facebook.com/stagefivetv Twitter - https://twitter.com/Red5Studios https://twitter.com/stagefivetv Sponsored by Red 5 Studios and Firefall. More information at: http://www.firef

Battleframe Changes Incoming

In a new post on the Firefall site, the team lays out plans to make significant changes to the battleframe system. The issue at hand is the difficulty in balancing battleframes in both PvE and PvP and how the team aims to solve it.

Beta Key Giveaway

Red 5 Studios is inviting thousands of new players from around the world to join Firefall's upcoming Beta Weekend. This beta weekend will run from January 25 through January 28, 2012 beginning Friday at 10:00AM PST and ending Monday at 12AM PST. Get your key now!

Open Beta Events Scheduled

The Firefall team has announced a series of public open beta events, the first of which is slated to go live on January 25th. Players will have forty-eight hours to check out Firefall and then two more events in which to participate later this spring.

Firefall's PVE Overhaul Interview

We sat down with Eric and Bryan of Red5 to talk all things Firefall, and specifically the upcoming sweeping changes to PVE in the game. Watch!

Beta Weekend Accounts Unlocked Early!

If you've snagged yourself a key for this weekend's upcoming Firefall beta event you'll be glad to know that Red 5 Studios has unlocked your account early! That's right, you can literally jump in and play RIGHT NOW. So what are you waiting for? Suit up!

Livestream Q&A Tomorrow! Give Us Your Questions!

Red 5 Studios and MMORPG.com are partnering up for a Firefall livestream Q&A tomorrow at 7PM EST on our Twitch.tv channel. Our discussion will focus primarily on the PvE side of Firefall and we want to get you involved in the conversation!