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Firefall Articles

Spotlight on PvP

Red 5 Studio attended the recent PAX East convention with a lot of new PvE information. Feeling slighted, PvP players thought, "What about us?" That question has been answered in the new trailer featuring the "Sunken Harbor".

Characters, Classes & Making Progress

A new blog post has cropped up on the Firefall site that deals with all things related to characters, classes and making progress in the Firefall universe. The article can be summed up by this quote from Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 Studios: "Let's show the shooter fans how great progression and community can be... just like how the early MMOs showed the RPG community."

April Video Developer Diary

The Firefall team has released a Video Dev Blog for April, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it focuses on moving forward from their successful showing at PAX East.

PAX East Overview

Part Team Fortress 2, part MMO, Firefall is an "odd beast" according to MMORPG.com Lead Writer Bill Murphy. Bill had the chance to check out Firefall during PAX East and talk about the game with Lead Designer Scott Youngblood. See what Bill found out about Firefall in his latest article. Leave us your impressions when you're finished.

Playable Demo at PAX East

Folks attending PAX East on March 11-13 will definitely want to stop by the Red 5 booth to check out a brand new playable demo of Firefall. The team will have twenty machines on hand for interested players and the team has promised that it will reveal a brand new 'battleframe' (character archetype) during the show. Currently known archetypes are Medic and Assault.

Creating the Right Mood with Music

A new Firefall blog has cropped up where Audio Director Michael Bross talks about the creative process behind composing music to suit the game. The blog post is short but the treat is that the Firefall team has included an audio clip to show off the terrific music that the game will feature. Check it out!