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    Action RPG
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    City State Entmt.
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    Early Access
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Final Stand: Ragnarok Overview

Final Stand: Ragnarök is an online co-op, action-based looter slasher game developed by State Entertainment (Camelot Unchained). FS:R pits you and up to nine legendary allies against the forces of Hel, teaming up against wave after wave of the goddess of death's devious minions.

Training in Valhalla for centuries, Champions have awaited and feared the coming of Ragnarök. That day is now upon them and the Champions must work together to stop Hel's legions from destroying the Nine Worlds, and the universe along with them. Prepare for incoming waves of over 1,000 of all sorts of Draugr, bosses, and Hel herself. Build your kill count, protect important objectives in the face of hellishly overwhelming odds, gather loot, craft new items and fight or die, die, die trying!

As if one world ending wasn't enough, Hel and her forces have the audacity to threaten existence itself. Luckily, Odin knows just the right, recently (and not so recently) deceased Champions for the job. Play as one of five Champions hand-picked by Odin (well, actually it was Hildr and the Valkyries - Odin is such a scene-stealer) from across the ages, valiant in life and legendary in death, each with abilities uniquely suited for annihilating Hel's pesky undead armies.

Thanks to some scheduling mix-ups with Valhalla's janitorial staff, helpful items can be found scattered all throughout the town of Odi, from explosive bombs and sturdy barricades to hardy battlefield rations. Heroes can also expect the occasional divine pick-me-up from the gods themselves, whose places of power throughout Odi will attack enemies and boost weary Champions. Watch out, though - drop the ball in protecting these gifts from the gods, and Hel's minions will swipe the power for themselves. And that’s not all - keep an eye out for so much more coming in before we leave Early Access!

Hel may not have a scrappy team of underdogs to call her own, but she more than makes up for it in numbers, variety, and her really bad attitude. Defend and complete objectives from thousands of enemies at once as she floods the field with every undead misfit from the lowly Mindless Undead, to clingy Shadow Wraiths, to the colossally overbearing Fire Giant (and soon, some of his BFFs!).


  • Co-op online matches for teams of up to ten players. As the game progresses through Early Access we will be gradually adding larger match sizes as the Unchained Engine can support 1000s of players in a match
  • Five playable Champions with unique abilities. We currently have outlines for more than 30 additional Champions who will be slowly added as we lock down the Fabulous Five for launch
  • Dozens of items to help your heroes, harm your enemies, and survive the battlefield
  • Large-scale, real-time battles powered by the Unchained Engine, pitting Champions against thousands of enemies at once
  • In-game voice chat for tactical team play. It’s our first pass at using voice chat so we’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one!
  • Match and Career scoreboards to track your personal bests among Champions
City State Games Ushers Final Stand: Ragnarok to Steam Early Access

Do you remember Final Stand: Ragnarok? As a quick refresher, FS:R is an online co-op, action-based looter game created by Camelot Unchained developer City State Entertainment. Initially, when FS:R was announced, it made some waves throughout the Camelot Unchained kickstarter community, but since then both Camelot Unchained and Final Stand: Ragnarok have continued their development, which has resulted in the latter's  Early Access release.