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Final Fantasy XV Articles

Final Fantasy XV PC Version Review

Final Fantasy XV has finally made its way to the PC. It is a beast of a game that demands a minimum of 86 gigs worth of room on your system as well as other requirements. Is it worth the install space on your computer? Time to dig deeper and find out. This is our Final Fantasy XV review.

Let's Talk About the Bad Parts

Final Fantasy XV is overall an interesting game which I completely enjoyed and I can’t wait for all the upcoming DLC to arrive. As much as I loved the characters and playing the game, there are some frustrating issues which standout; largely because so most of the game is fantastic. I’d like to take a closer look at issues and examine what the core problem really is.

Review in Progress, Part 1

Rob kicks off the review in progress for Final Fantasy XV this week. After 10 years in development is it worth the wait? Read on to find out.

Kingsglaive - Finally, a  Good Final Fantasy Movie

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is basically a 2 hour story trailer for the upcoming long-wanted Final Fantasy XV video game. We also all remember the last time Final Fantasy was a movie... and it didn't go well. Leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix created a full length feature film set in the new universe, and well, frankly... it's pretty good.

 A Quick Recap of FFXV Uncovered

Last week, after a decade of development, Square Enix provided us with a treasure trove of information about their newest entry in the Final Fantasy series. Not least of which was the announcement that there will be a full length movie. Read on for all the latest information and Rob’s reactions to the news.

Final Fantasy XV: RIP Part 2, Into the Light

10 years were spent creating this latest opus by Square Enix. Did they hit the mark? Read on for Rob’s thoughts in his review.