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Final Fantasy XIV Articles

Final Fantasy XIV Gets Another Round of the Fall Guys Collaboration This Week

Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys are teaming up for another round of the collaboration event between the two games this week.

FFXIV's Viper and Pictomancer Combat Showcased In Job Action Live Letter

During a live letter, the Final Fantasy 14 team gave an in-depth preview of both new classes releasing upon Dawntrail's launch.

Final Fantasy 14 Launches Mountain Dew Gaming Program Merch for Dawntrail

Similar to other Mountain Dew (and adjacent PepsiCo products') promotions, fans collect caps to earn real-life and in-game FFXIV rewards.

Final Fantasy 14's Fantasias Give One Hour Of Character Creation Do-Overs In 7.0 Update

FFXIV's (in)famous character change potions will let you fine-tune your character for up to an hour after you return to the game.

Imminent FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark Update Sees Massive Graphics, Model Improvements

During the Live Letter, Yoshi-P and Foxcon addressed the ongoing saga of character models in the Dawntrail Benchmark's outdated character creator.

FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida: Ongoing DDoS Attacks 'Largest Scale and Length' Since 1.0 Launch

Final Fantasy 14's lead producer and director addressed the DDoS attacks briefly during a Live Letter.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Offically Gets a Second Printing Before This Month's First Print Launches

Before the Final Fantasy XIV tabletop RPG set was released this month, it already has a second printing on the way.

FFXIV Xbox Edition Brings Graphics and Censorship Troubles, Per Digital Foundry Analysis

A Digital Foundry guest took Final Fantasy 14's Xbox edition for a test ride, with mixed results.

Final Fantasy XIV's Make it Rain Event Arrives May 15th

The time has almost arrived for us to embark on another set of Main Scenario quests in Final Fantasy XIV, as the Make it Rain event is coming soon.

Moogle Treasure Trove Returns to Final Fantasy XIV With New and Returning Rewards

Treasure hunters and collectors should look to Final Fantasy XIV next week, as the Moogle Treasure Trove event returns. 

Final Fantasy XIV Recovering From DDoS Attacks and Extensive Issues on EU Servers

After DDoS attacks caused Final Fantasy XIV to suffer from disconnects, crashes, and the inability to log in across multiple regions, Square Enix has updated on the recovery from those incidents. 

Final Fantasy XIV Getting Hit By Round of DDoS Attacks Today

Final Fantasy XIV is experiencing a series of DDoS attacks again, with not much known about what is going on just yet.

Final Fantasy 14 Provides Dawntrail Benchmark Character Creator Update

Director and producer 'Yoshi-P' gave the FFXIV player base an update following feedback on the Dawntrail Benchmark's character creator.

Massive FFXIV Fishing Guide Updated To Whopping 300 'Sundered' Pages

A Final Fantasy 14 fishing expert added 100 pages to their guide and separated it into more accessible sections.

FFXIV's YoKai Watch Event Boasts Huge Rewards

The Yo-Kai Watch event is set to begin today in Final Fantasy XIV, and with it comes new quests, a hefty amount of new minions, and FATEs to complete along the way for Yo-Kai Medals.