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Final Fantasy XIV Articles

Patch 4.2 - PvE First Impressions

I’m going to hold off on discussing story content for at least a week to give people a chance to avoid spoilers and enjoy it themselves. Instead, I’m going to talk PvE, after spending a lot of time this week grappling with the new high-level content. Let’s start with the second part of the Omega raid series, Sigmascape, which pits you against enemies from FFVI.

The Rise of a New Sun

It’s time to bury the Deltascape, leave Skalla at home and say goodbye to Shinryu — because at long last, Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 comes out tomorrow! Draft patch notes for Rise of a New Sun have been released, along with a trailer showing some of the Warrior of Light’s coming travails.

4.2 Preview - PvP Updates, Glamour Changes & Beast Tribe Quests

Square Enix has released more information about FFXIV patch 4.2, Rise of a New Sun, which is due out later in the month. They’re showing off the new glamour system, a new PVP arena and the Ananta beast tribe quests that’ll debut when it arrives. No word on a release date yet, but if you want a peek at what’s coming up, here’s what’s on the horizon.

Looking Forward to 2018

Happy new year, everybody! 2017 was an incredible year for FFXIV, and 2018 is already looking great. There’s a lot to look forward to in the short term: a new patch is dropping at the end of the month, along with a new raid tier, a new primal, as well as a continuation of Stormblood’s story, and shortly after that we’ll get Eureka and the next relic weapon grind. If you’re lucky, maybe someone you know in game will have sent you a gift to commemorate the year gone by.

Festive Events & Patch 4.2 News

Merry Christmas! The Starlight Celebration, FFXIV’s festive event, returns for another year. Decorations have been stolen from a town in the black shroud, and one of the witnesses says that they were taken by the trees themselves.

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding is Scarier Than Actual Marriage

Final Fantasy XIV means a lot to me and my partner. When I was about to study for my postgraduate degree in another city a few hours away, it occurred to us that this would be the first time that she and I would be forced to spend a long time apart from each other after years of living together while I got my diploma.

The Feast Season 6 Starts Now

Tis’ the season to... Well, I guess it’s the season to hurt each other as much as possible. Season 6 of The Feast, FFXIV’s ranked PVP mode, started last week. This one will run until 4.2; interestingly, it’s not running until 4.25, which suggests this will either be a fairly short season, or the gap between now and 4.2 will be pretty long.

Hands on with Rival Wings

FFXIV patch 4.15 took off on Tuesday, bringing the game’s first all-new PVP mode since The Feast. Rival Wings pits two teams of 24 players against each other, along with a host of highly stylised ‘machina’ — vehicles that look like the mechs from the Alexander raid series. I’ve had time to play a few games, and I have to say, in terms of XIV, there’s really nothing like it.

Were Jump Potions a Game-Changer?

Jump Potions are a relatively new addition to FFXIV, though they aren’t something I’ve covered before. Introduced alongside Stormblood, they’re cash-shop purchases that let you skip much of the game’s levelling process and start straight on one of the expansions.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut is the Coolest Thing in FFXIV

It’s safe to say that Square Enix knows a thing or two about hard MMO boss fights. Final Fantasy XI, which is still alive and kicking, made news nearly a decade ago for the introduction of an eighteen-hour fight, Absolute Virtue. In more recent times, those who fought Living Liquid’s Savage variant on XIV seem to have formed a loose survivors’ association.

A Werewolf in Eorzea

Halloween is here! At least, FFXIV’s stand-in festival, All Saints’ Wake, is. As with previous years, it’s more trick-or-treat than genuine Friday the 13th. But that’s OK! You’ll be paired up with Soga, an Othardian wolfman who’s travelled to Gridania following the liberation of Doma.

Patch 4.1 First Thoughts

Last Tuesday saw the release of The Legend Returns, Stormblood’s first major content update. Patch 4.1 brings a wealth of features including a new 24-man raid, an extreme primal and a continuation of the storyline after the liberation of Ala Mhigo.

Patch 4.1 Trailer + Job Changes!

It’s here! There’s finally a trailer for FFXIV Patch 4.1, Stormblood’s first major content update. It was released as part of Naoki Yoshida’s monthly Letter from the Producer Live, and shows — among other things — the footage from the 24-man raid, super-savage, and Rival Wings, a brand new PVP mode that lets you fight alongside a Cruise Chaser. It’s like all my namedays came at once!

Checking in with Red Mage and Samurai

When Stormblood came out, the very first thing I wrote about was Samurai. New jobs excite me more than anything else, and both SAM and Red Mage have changed FFXIV for the better. It’s been about four months now, and with 4.1 — the first major content patch — coming out on October 10th, I thought now would be a good time to check in with the new additions now the dust has settled and people have (mostly) figured out how jobs are going to play from here on out.

In Defense of Content Most Will Never See

There’s a lot of content in Final Fantasy XIV I’ll never see. Of course, everything’s on YouTube, but stuff that my character will actually reach is another matter. That comes from someone who has seen far more than many others — I’ve been in and out of savage and extreme primals for a good few patches now, and that’s content most of the playerbase has never touched.