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Final Fantasy XIV Articles

Lessons From A Year Of High-End FFXIV Raiding

A year into raiding in Final Fantasy 14, Victoria shares the life (and game) lessons learned from doing high-end content.

Learning How To Play Final Fantasy 14 On Controller Has Been Slow Going

Bradford is doing the impossible: he's learning how to play Final Fantasy 14 on controller.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker's 'In From The Cold' Mission Is Perfectly Fine

The Final Fantasy 14 mission has caused plenty of debate in the community, but Victoria sees it as mostly aligning with the expansion's writing and goals.

I've Finally Hit Final Fantasy 14's End Game: Injecting Some Glamour Into My Life

Bradford is a sucker for a good costuming system. So now that he has money and time in Final Fantasy 14, he's doing what he does best: matching his weapon to his outfit.

Endwalker Story Impressions: Final Fantasy 14 Early Review

Much like a trip to the moon, the story of FFXIV's latest expansion aims to cover plenty of ground (or space). Does it succeed?  

Ways To Prepare For Endwalker With Your Two Extra Weeks

We have a list of productive things to make sure you've done in FFXIV to stay warmed up before Endwalker's release.

The Eorzea Prospect: Tales From A Habitual FFXIV Returner (And Why This Time Is Different)

Robin, our resident World of Warcraft expert, has dove headlong into FFXIV. Again. Only for some reason this time feels different.

I've Found Anxiety And Optimism In Final Fantasy 14's Upcoming Data Center Travel

One of the most anticipated features of Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Endwalker expansion is its Data Center Travel feature. Yet it's an upcoming feature that has Victoria feeling both anxiety and optimism.

Nobody Asked, But My Final Fantasy 14 Raids Are Going Well

Just in case anyone was wondering, Victoria's raiding is going pretty okay in Final Fantasy XIV lately.

As Final Fantasy 14 Grows, We'll All Feel Growing Pains

The FFXIV community will have to work to uphold the reputation that made one of the biggest influxes in gaming history happen.

Final Fantasy 14 Roleplayers Find Carrd As Destination For Creativity

FFXIV roleplayers put characters on display through the free site-building service given a lack of in-game resources and in lieu of third-party mods.

I'm Actually Having Fun Endgame Raiding In Final Fantasy 14

High-tier raiding is the centerpiece of FFXIV endgame; despite its reputation, it can be fun when all the pieces come together.

Your Friends Recommend Final Fantasy 14 Because We Love You

Fine, Okay, I Got A Final Fantasy 14 Estate and I Get It Now

Victoria camped for a FFXIV house, a tricky goal in the MMORPG. About a month and a half later, she reflects on the process and achievement.

MMOSide Chat: Do You Ever Have A Hard Time Getting Into An MMO Everyone Seemingly Loves?

Bradford has had a hard time getting into some MMOs when they were at their peak. He explores why that might be with the most recent example: Final Fantays XIV.