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Final Fantasy XIV Articles

Ten Creepy Things In Final Fantasy 14 You'll Find Year-Round

The Halloween quests are always a delight, but even outside of this season, there's plenty of spooky stuff to be found in FFXIV.

FFXIV: I'm Actually Having Fun With Island Sanctuaries

Robin has never been interested in player housing. As a result, she really wasn't that interested in island sanctuary. However, since diving in she's been pleasantly surprised.

If You Could Choose The MMORPG Creator To Helm The Next Great Game, Who Would You Pick?

In a recent interview, Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida stated he'd like to make at least one more MMORPG from scratch before he died. It got Bradford thinking: who would I want helming the next great MMO?

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Content You'll Ignore For Island Sanctuary

Final Fantasy XIV's new post-Endwalker patch has the usual bulk of content, which we might as well talk about for a second before you all go farming.

Welcome To Balmung, Are You Bored Yet?

When Final Fantasy 14's Data Center Travel opened, Balmung's rep as an "erotic roleplaying server" amplified. Except it's honestly less exciting than that, argues Crystal DC resident Victoria. 

Do You Often Fall Behind On MMO Expansions?

Bradford is a serial expansion procrastinator. And right now he's feeling it most in FFXIV as he desperately tries to catch up to Endwalker. But are you one who falls behind on expansions only to visit them years after they release?

A Realm Reborn Finale Changes Reviewed: Final Fantasy 14's Praetorium, Cape Westwind, And More

In FFXIV's Patch 6.1, the dev team condensed the infamously long (and laughable) finale. Is it worth venturing into the new duties?

Best Final Fantasy XIV Quests That You'll Never Forget

Final Fantasy XIV is laden with quests. Some are generic and forgettable, while others will be etched into your minds forever. The game's quests can lead up to dungeons and raids, or they can simply exist to create memorable experiences for you. Here are Kanishka's top quests from Final Fantasy XIV.

A New Journey - Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure Impressions 

After four months of waiting to see where our adventures will lead next, Final Fantasy 14's future finally begins with the release of patch 6.1, titled "Newfound Adventure." With a 10-year roadmap ahead, the patch continues Creative Business Unit 3's ambitions to make FFXIV a fun, alluring experience for everyone old and new. Here's a glimpse of FFXIV's newfound future 

Have You Ever Returned To An MMO You Previously Just Could Not Get Into?

Not every game is made for everyone. This is known. Yet even games that seem to have wide-spread appeal don't always click either. However, that doesn't mean they won't click later on. Have you ever played an MMO and initially hated it, only to return and enjoy the same game months or years after you first tried it?

Activities in Final Fantasy 14 You May Not Know Are Alive

Have you worn out the obvious FFXIV side activities? Have you tried these, too? Victoria takes us on an adventure off the beaten path in FFXIV with some activities you may not have realized were still thriving!

Lessons From A Year Of High-End FFXIV Raiding

A year into raiding in Final Fantasy 14, Victoria shares the life (and game) lessons learned from doing high-end content.

Learning How To Play Final Fantasy 14 On Controller Has Been Slow Going

Bradford is doing the impossible: he's learning how to play Final Fantasy 14 on controller.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker's 'In From The Cold' Mission Is Perfectly Fine

The Final Fantasy 14 mission has caused plenty of debate in the community, but Victoria sees it as mostly aligning with the expansion's writing and goals.

I've Finally Hit Final Fantasy 14's End Game: Injecting Some Glamour Into My Life

Bradford is a sucker for a good costuming system. So now that he has money and time in Final Fantasy 14, he's doing what he does best: matching his weapon to his outfit.