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Final Fantasy XIV Articles

Final Fantasy XIV Subscriber Growth a Bright Spot for Square Enix Financials, NFT and New Titles a 2023 Focus

Square Enix reported its financial results for a six-month period ending on September 30, 2022, and Final Fantasy XIV was a definite bright spot for the company. Look for NFTs and blockchain and new titles as 2023 focus.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.18 Coming July 5th, Along With Europe and Japanese Data Center Expansions

Promised expansions for Final Fantasy XIV data centers are coming to both the Japanese and European regions. New servers will be rolled out with Patch 6.18 on July 5th, which also brings the Data Center Travel system to the game.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Interview With Director Naoki Yoshida

Anticipation and expectations are high for Endwalker, the latest expansion in Final Fantasy 14, which releases this November. We sat down with the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, to talk about the MMO and what to expect with Endwalker moving forward.

Interview: FFXIV English Cast Reflects On Eight Years Of Adventure

With Endwalker approaching, and the eighth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV's relaunch, Warriors of Light around the world have been given a lot to reflect upon from their adventures. An integral part of such has been the cast of characters accompanying our protagonist through thick or thin and, quite literally, throughout a universe of heartfelt and riveting story. We had the exciting opportunity to reflect upon the past few years with the English cast representing the current Scions of the Sev

Interview: Naoki Yoshida On Island Sanctuary, the Free Trial, Linkpearls and More in Final Fantasy 14

FFXIV's director chats with MMORPG.com about some of the game's current and upcoming features.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview: Naoki Yoshida Talks About the Pandemic, Lore, How to Grind Crafting, and More

On the heels of one of FFXIV's most praised content drops, we talked to its director about lore crafting, craft-crafting, mahjong, and plenty more.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview With Yoshi-P, Yusuke Mogi

Recently we had the chance to talk to Yoshi-P from Final Fantasy XIV about leveling alternate jobs, questing and more in the popular MMORPG. Check out our interview with Naoki Yoshida and Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi.

Gamescom 2019: Final Fantasy XIV Interview: Expansion Builders

How do you build an expansion like Shadowbringers? If it’s for a story-heavy MMO like Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a blend of meticulous planning, intense collaboration and deep research into the rich franchise history. But don’t take our word for it - we sat down with producer-director Naoki Yoshida and lore maestro Banri Oda to get all the details.

FFXIV Shadowbringers: Yoshida-san Talks Shadowbringers

We had the opportunity to put our Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers questions directly to Yoshida-san as part of a round-table interview. Topics included making sure those job changes are just right, and sharing a few details on updates to The Hunt. We also got the chance to dig into the design process behind Dancer and Gunbreaker.

Final Fantasy XIV Developers Dish on Creating Lore

Recently, the Final Fantasy XIV team sat down with both Oda-san and Ishikawa-san, the minds behind the Stormblood story, for an in-house interviewer to talk about the lore in the game and how they go about creating a great story. We have that interview that covers a range of topics including how lore is created, what challenges the team has faced and much more.

Final Fantasy XIV Composer On Creating a Mood

The Final Fantasy XIV development team recently participated in a round of in-house interviews. One of them featured Soken-San, the composer of the game's soundtrack. In this interview, he speaks to creating the perfect mood for the game as well as the challenges he has faced over the years.

Final Fantasy XIV: Talking to Bethan Walker, the Voice Behind Alisaie

Few among Final Fantasy XIV’s cast are as beloved as Alisaie Leveilleur. Since her return to the Scions at the end of Heavensward, she’s won over the playerbase with her sharp wit and sharper tongue. With last week’s release of Patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet, Alisaie is facing one of her most difficult trials yet, as she searches for the truth behind her brother’s disappearance. We got the chance to speak to Bethan Walker, the voice behind the character, about how she brings life to the role.

PAX East 2018 - Natsuko Ishikawa on Creating Epic Stories

I had the opportunity to interview Natsuko Ishikawa, Lead Main Scenario Writer, and John Crow, Localization Lead, and delve a bit more into the process of creating the story in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. I should mention we did talk about specific storylines in Stormblood and about some optional quest lines with major events, so if you have not finished the main storyline or some key side quests there will be spoilers.

Face-to-Face with FFXIV's Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XIV is enjoying its most successful year since its relaunch as A Realm Reborn in 2013 — so there’s probably no better time to speak to the man credited with its success. Last week, I had the chance to do just that, and sat down for a face-to-face conversation with producer and director Naoki Yoshida.

 Naoki Yoshida on Bringing Ivalice to Life, Rival Wings & Ultimate Progression

It only feels like yesterday that Stormblood’s first major content patch, Return of the Legend came out — yet it’s been almost two months. On top of the usual helpings of story content, boss battles and balance changes, the developers took the unprecedented step of bringing in guest creators for a new raid series, Return to Ivalice, and introduced Ultimate, a hard-as-nails difficulty mode that makes Savage look like Cape Westwind.