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Final Fantasy XI Articles

Wings of the Goddess Expansion Tour

In a recent Final Fantasy XI media tour, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh had the opportunity for a look a the last major update that brings the final chapters of the Wings of the Goddess story arc to a close. Between the September update and the update coming in December, FFXI players will have a lot to do to hit level 99. Check out Carolyn's thoughts about her media tour and then comment below.

Vision of Abyssea Media Tour

Final Fantasy XI is one of the most enduring MMOs currently on the market. Developer Square Enix has not failed to deliver regular content and updates. Recently, MMORPG.com reporter Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to take a media tour of the latest area to be added: Abyssea, a new level 75+ zone with new armor, spells, skills, job adjustments and new areas to explore.

March Update Media Tour

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently took part in a media tour of Final Fantasy XI, showcasing the game's March updates and discussing briefly its future in the face of FFXIV.

A Shantotto Ascension Hands On Report

New MMORPG.com contributor Christina Gonzalez reports from a recent Hands-On preview of Final Fanatsy XI's most recent update: A Shantotto Ascension.

Is FFXI Doomed?

MMORPG.com Correspndent Joseph Lavender takes a quick look at what might happen with Final Fantasy XI when its quasi-sequel Final Fantasy XIV is finally released. Will the game live or die?

Friendlier Than Ever

FFXI has a reputation for being a hardcore grind. Cody Worth gives it a second look.

A Crystaline Prophecy Tour

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh writes this report of her recent tour of the Crystaline Prophecy scenario for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI.

Is Simpler Always Better?

MMORPG.com Correspondent Hebie Grate writes this article discussing recent changes to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI making it more accessible and less difficult.

Fan Fest Report

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh writes this report from the recent Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest, a sold out event that allows players of the seven year old title to gather and share in their hobby.

Final Fantasy  FanFest Updates

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently attended Square Enix's Final Fantasy FanFest and comes back to file this report on the franchise's MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI.

A Look at the Red Mage

MMORPG.com Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Wesley Bond writes this quick look at the Red Mage job in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI.

Making More Room For Storage

MMORPG.com Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Tristain Belisle writes this quick piece giving suggestions to players who might be having a hard time figuring out how to store their in-game stuff.

Correspondent - A Look At The Beastmaster

MMORPG.com Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Wesley Bond takes a look at the Beastmaster class in the MMO chapter of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Correspondent - September Update

MMORPG.com FFXI Correspondent Tristain Belisle writes this overview of what's new to the game this month in Square Enix's Fainal Fantasy XI.

Correspondent - Quests for the Gil Seeker

MMORPG.com Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Herbie Grate writes this guide for players looking to make a quick buck (or gil as the case may be)in FFXI.