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Final Fantasy XI Articles

Wayback Wednesday in Vana'Diel

In this week's Wayback Wednesday, we take a fond look back at one of the classic MMOs of our time, Final Fantasy XI. Grakulen is joined by Josh aka Daggart as they take a romp through Vana’Diel.

Seekers of Adoulin Preview

Square Enix recently announced the next expansion to its very popular Final Fantasy XI. Called "Seekers of Andoulin", the expansion is set to bring some nice new features into the game. We've got a preview of what players will find. Check it out!

Seekers of Adoulin Announced

Square Enix is getting ready to unveil the fifth expansion for Final Fantasy XI. Called "Seekers of Adoulin", the new expansion will focus on exploration, cultivation, and pioneering and will give players the opportunity to create outposts that can have an impact on the world around them.

Ultimate Collector's Edition for 10 Bucks!

The Final Fantasy XI site has been updated with a special promotion featuring the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game for only $9.99. That price is ten dollars off the regular $19.99 price and is available for a limited time.

October Version Update Now Live

Square Enix has deployed the October version update to Final Fantasy XI live servers today. The new update brings revisions to Voidwatch, new BCNM battlefields, and the usual assortment of bug fixes.

Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition Released

Fans of Final Fantasy XI will want to check out the new Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition. The new collection features all expansions, add-ons and scenarios released to date. Also included with the purchase is an in-game beret. The Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition is $19.99 on Steam.

Devs Answer Community Questions

The Final Fantasy XI team has posted a very short Q&A with regard to the December version update. The team answers questions about content adjustments, recipes, increased enemy damage, and PS2 issues.

Job Adjustments Coming

The Final Fantasy XI team is revealing tons of information about changes coming in the next major update. In addition to big changes to spells and abilities, the team has announced a host of updates and upgrades to Final Fantasy XI jobs. They've provided a long list and several helpful charts to guide fans along.

Level Cap Rising

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy XI level cap will be rising with the next game update. The maximum character level will increase from 85 to 90. Players will also have new abilities, traits, and spells to play with once the update goes live. Devs have posted a laundry list of changes on the Play Online site so be sure to swing by for a look.

Wings of the Goddess Expansion Tour

In a recent Final Fantasy XI media tour, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh had the opportunity for a look a the last major update that brings the final chapters of the Wings of the Goddess story arc to a close. Between the September update and the update coming in December, FFXI players will have a lot to do to hit level 99. Check out Carolyn's thoughts about her media tour and then comment below.

Vision of Abyssea Media Tour

Final Fantasy XI is one of the most enduring MMOs currently on the market. Developer Square Enix has not failed to deliver regular content and updates. Recently, MMORPG.com reporter Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to take a media tour of the latest area to be added: Abyssea, a new level 75+ zone with new armor, spells, skills, job adjustments and new areas to explore.

June Version Update, Visions of Abyssea Scenario Now Live

The June version update for Final Fantasy XI went live this week, which bumps the level cap to 80, adds numerous new quests, introduces the new Walk of Echoes zone, removes caps from Chains of Promathia zones, and of course includes the requisite balance tweaks and bug fixes.

Visions of Abyssea Trailer

Square Enix has released the debut trailer for the upcoming Visions of Abysseaa add on scenario to Final Fantasy XI. Launching of June 21st, Visions of Abyssea is the first of three add-on scenarios set to launch this year, and will include the first bits of new content intended for level 75+ players.

Accounts Compromised

Following what was to be a standard monthly update to Final Fantasy XI's game registration servers were a few days of technical issues afflicting Square Enix's customer support. The source? A breach of security that may have resulted in the "disclosure of a limited number of PlayOnline IDs, passwords and user account data."

Chains of Promathia Level Restrictions to be Lifted

The Chains of Promathia expansion is both beloved and maligned by many a FFXI fan, loved because it offers some of the most interesting content in the game, and maligned due to the fact the content is spread across several different areas and instances that are all capped at differing level tiers (30, 40, 50, and 60) which presents a number of annoyances to players looking to complete the content. Those days will soon come to an end, however.