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Final Fantasy XI Articles

The 20th Vana'versary is Coming for Final Fantasy XI This Year, With a Level Cap Increase and More

Final Fantasy XI will be marking its 20th anniversary this May, a 20th Vana'versary. And the New Year's letter from Producer Akihiko Matsui talked about what's happening now and coming this year.

Final Fantasy XI Opens Multiple End of Year Bonus Campaigns and Continues Voracious Resurgence

Final Fantasy XI is still going strong and today marks the start of several new events that will last through the holiday season into the new year. The most recent update also adds to the Voracious Resurgence storyline, and severalĀ  adjustments, new monthly swaps like Records of Eminence, and fixes.

New Master System Changes Progression As the Voracious Resurgence Continues in Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is still going strong with a new update, continuing the Voracious Resurgence storyline. The new update also introduces the master level character system, and kicks off November player events and rewards.

Final Fantasy XI - September Dev Digest and Full Events Slate

September in Final Fantasy XI features a new update, a video dev diary, and lots of rewards to get your hands on in the latest login campaign, as well as some in-game events to keep you busy.

MMO ReRoll - Final Fantasy XI

Mitch never really knew much about Final Fantasy XI before choosing it was this month's MMO Reroll. However, given than we opened up the MMO Reroll column with Final Fantasy XIV, it seemed fitting to close out season one with the first MMO in the mainline Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy XI Is Getting A New Battlefield In Its July Update

Final Fantasy XI is gearing up for its July update, bringing with it a new high-tier battlfield to the aging MMO. The update, which should hit on July 12th, brings performance tweaks and more as well.

Report: Final Fantasy XI R, Mobile Version Of FFXI MMO, Has Been Canceled

If you were looking forward to the Final Fantasy XI R mobile MMO, it looks like you'll be disappointed as a new report by Kotaku shows the MMO has been canceled.

Final Fantasy XI Looks Ahead to 2021, Including More Story

A "Happy New Year" message from the Final Fantasy XI team looks ahead to this year as they talk about their plans for story.

Final Fantasy XI's Winter Campaigns Start November 11

Winter campaigns are set to begin on November 11 in Final Fantasy XI bringing about new challenges.

Final Fantasy XI's October Update Is Here

Final Fantasy XI's October version update has been detailed, touching on events, battle, items, system, and issues.

Final Fantasy XI - September Update Details Provided

Matsui on the official FFXI forums has provided some details with regards to new additions for Odyssey and Ambuscade. With more details to come on the pending updates for FFXI, September is shaping up to be a good month for FFXI players.

Risk Versus Reward: Resource Gathering In MMORPGs

Resource gathering is something that will always be hit or miss for an MMO player - some people love the grind while others are content to just buy the wares off an auction house from someone else. Ben breaks down the risk versus reward in resource gathering in MMORPGs.

Website for 'Final Fantasy XI: The Voracious Resurgence' Now Live

The special website for Final Fantasy XI: The Voracious Resurgence has now launched. It's still pretty basic, but you can check it out now.

Final Fantasy XI's 'Beat the Heat' Campaign Starts June 11

The latest campaign for Final Fantasy XI, called Beat the Heat, begins June 11.

Final Fantasy XI Smaller May Version Update Out Now

Square Enix announced earlier that the smaller May Version Update for Final Fantasy XI is now available.