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Final Fantasy XI Articles

Final Fantasy XI's October Update Is Here

Final Fantasy XI's October version update has been detailed, touching on events, battle, items, system, and issues.

Final Fantasy XI - September Update Details Provided

Matsui on the official FFXI forums has provided some details with regards to new additions for Odyssey and Ambuscade. With more details to come on the pending updates for FFXI, September is shaping up to be a good month for FFXI players.

Risk Versus Reward: Resource Gathering In MMORPGs

Resource gathering is something that will always be hit or miss for an MMO player - some people love the grind while others are content to just buy the wares off an auction house from someone else. Ben breaks down the risk versus reward in resource gathering in MMORPGs.

Website for 'Final Fantasy XI: The Voracious Resurgence' Now Live

The special website for Final Fantasy XI: The Voracious Resurgence has now launched. It's still pretty basic, but you can check it out now.

Final Fantasy XI's 'Beat the Heat' Campaign Starts June 11

The latest campaign for Final Fantasy XI, called Beat the Heat, begins June 11.

Final Fantasy XI Smaller May Version Update Out Now

Square Enix announced earlier that the smaller May Version Update for Final Fantasy XI is now available.

Majority of May Version Update for Final Fantasy XI Pushed Out

Square Enix announced earlier that the majority of content in the May version update for Final Fantasy XI has been pushed out.

New Battle Content, Odyssey, Added to Final Fantasy XI

Some new battle content has been added to Final Fantasy XI, called Odyssey.

Job Adjustments and More Come to Final Fantasy XI

Job adjustments and more are in the latest Final Fantasy XI patch.

Siren Comes to Final Fantasy XI in February Update

In a post on the official Final Fantasy XI forums, the team announced the addition of the Siren to the game in the February Version update. Here are the details of what else is included in the update.

Final Fantasy XI January Update Addresses Battle, Items, More

Final Fantasy XI have announced their January 2020 updates, and here's what's in store.

Final Fantasy XI Hosting Discounts on Several Products

Final Fantasy XI is running a Discount Campaign until November 29 featuring discounts on several packs.

FFXI Welcomes Back Players to Vana'Diel During Summer Festival

It looks like FFXI is welcoming back players to Vana'Diel during its Summer Festival.

Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign Celebrates 15 Years

The Final Fantasy XI site has been updated with a celebratory event for the game's 15th anniversary. Called "Return Home to Vana'diel", the campaign invites anyone who has subscribed to FFXI in the past to come back to the game to play free of charge from now through November 24th.

Next Update Scheduled For September 6th

The latest developer update has been posted to the Final Fantasy XI forum to give players a forward look to what they can expect in the September 6th update. Among other things, new monsters will be added to the Ambuscade as well as different rewards. Players are encouraged to complete the Ambuscade activities and exchange badges / hallmarks prior to the update.