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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/30/07)  | Pub:Outspark / gamigo AG
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Review of Fiesta Online

Good over all game, has some flaws like any other game.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

I played fiesta for about five years so I would like to say that I've gotten a good idea of what this game is about. There are a lot of good points to this game (along with some bad ones but what game isn't without its faults?)

So on to the good points. When I started playing Fiesta five years ago there were only four main classes that you could pick from. They were, Cleric, Fighter, Archer and Mage. Pretty basic. As the game got 'older' they added the Trickster class, so there are now five different classes you can pick from. As you level up threw the game you can go threw what is called "Class changes" Where you can essentially "Upgrade" your class. This happens at level 20 and at level 60 but at level 100 you can pick one of the TWO classes. The change happens like this:

Cleric -> High Cleric -> Paladin -> Holy Knight [or] Guardian

Fighter -> Clever Fighter -> Warrior -> Gladiator [or] Knight

Archer -> Hawk Archer -> Scout -> Sharpshooter [or] Ranger

Mage -> Wizmage -> Enchanter -> Warlock [or] Wizard

Trickster -> Gambit* ->Renegade -> Reaper [or] Spectre

* I've heard rumors that they have change the name Gambit to Chaser

I know that this looks really scary but trust me once you get started on the game with the class you like you will be able to figure it out really quickly. That brings me to the next really good point that this game has that I've noticed that a lot of game are missing, is instruction and direction for the starting players. When you first start out you get bombarded by help screens but if you read them you will know how to play the game within minus. If you are a seasoned MMO-gamer then you can just Esc out of the screens and talk to the first NPC in front of you and TA DA you're on your way to becoming a Fiesta hero!

Oh, there is another little thing I want to throw in here. You can customize how your character looks with different hair, face and colour choises. Also when you change your armor and other items your character uses they appear on your avatar!


There are a lot of different "parts" of this game, but I'll chop it up into three basic sections. There is your regular quest part of the game. Where you go talk to the NPC, get a quest go out into the world and complete the quest and then return to the NPC for a prize. Then there is the player-vs-player (PVP) section. Which I know I've gotten swept up in, you join mini tournaments where you and 14 of your closest friends (or random players) go and slaughter each other for points! Sounds great right? Well the last part is still group-based but less murder your buddy... Its what is called a Kingdom Quest. That is where you and 14-19 other players (making up either 15 or 20 person Kingdom quests) warp into a Kingdom Quest area (they change depending on your level just to keep things interesting) and then you are given a task (generally kill the boss at the end) and then at the end when your task is finished you get  a lot of experience points and a prize!

All in all its a pretty straight forward game, the graphics are pretty cutesy and it was probably the one thing that drew me to fiesta in the first place. Over the five years that I played Fiesta I made a lot of close friends and had a few adventures along the way. And since joining the Fiesta community there hasn't been a game that I've enjoyed more than Fiesta.

Now with that said, we have to move onto the bad stuff.. (I hate this part!)

One of the main reasons that I quit Fiesta and voted never to return is their player support. The in-game GM's (Game masters) were always wonderful and helped as much as they could even when they would log in and have swarms of players screaming for their attention. The problem was with the actual support techs that are behind the scenes. When ever you had to get in touch with a support tech and get a problem fixed it would normally (for me anyways) take at least a week for them to reply. Which in itself is rather infuriating when you cant log into the game because your getting an error and can't figure it out on your own. If anyone is asking the reason why I left Fiesta is because I got hacked by another player and all of my items were stolen, and when the support techs got (finally) back to me they said that it was my own fault that I got hacked and it wasn't their problem. Keep in mind I had nearly five years of faithful gaming at this time. So it was like a slap in the face when they told me there "isn't anything they could do"

The support issue aside the only other issues that I had when I played Fiesta is that when they would do their weekly patch the game would crash shortly after and they would have to fix it. Normally I didn't notice this because they did the maintenance at 1am my time and had it fixed by the time I played the next time. But it was still annoying

The last issue I had was there was a lot negative attitude between the players, it was like being in jr. high school again. I know that there were a lot of really nice players out there but the players that were really high leveled and had a lot of money were always rude and self centred. But then again that is just my opinion.


Over all Fiesta is a really good game and I really enjoyed my time that I had playing it. I was 16 when I started playing and quit when I was 21 so I may have just outgrown the game but for anyone getting started in the 3D MMORPG style games I would say this is a good game. I hope if you choose to play Fiesta you enjoy yourself because I had the best time during my online life on Fiesta

Player: Arya_SliverStone, Level 101 Holy Knight

Server: Epith <3


Final Score

 Free to play
 Good game for both solo players and group players
 Highly socialble
 3D graphics
 Character customization
 Lack of player support
 Techical issues with game server
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