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Fiesta Online Articles

Throw Some Cupcakes to Mark Fiesta Online's 14th Anniversary

Gamigo is marking the 14th anniversary of the North American debut of Fiesta Online. With the end of the Halloween event comes the sweet beginning of the 14th birthday event, letting you enjoy the candy decorations and of course, fling those cupcakes.

Grab A Fiesta Online Realm of the Gods Key For A Free Mount And Costume!

Gamigo have teamed up with MMORPG.com to give away codes for an in-game mount and costume to celebrate its Realm of the Gods expansion, which hit back in August. The codes are good for 30 days and the giveaway runs through the end of October (or when we run out of keys!)

Gamigo Launches Blockchain 'GamerToken' to Reward Players for In-Game Activities

Gamigo has announced that it has entered into a partnership with the Laurel Foundry to launch the GamerToken: "a blockchain based token that will reward players for their in-game activities, give them the opportunity to buy, sell and exchange unique digital assets on a global marketplace and improve the security of in-game transactions".

Lost Kingdom Part 1 Deployed, Part 2 Coming in 2017

Fiesta Online has been updated with the first half of the Lost Kingdom update that brings seven new maps and a couple dozen new NPCs who are willing to hand out a hundred and fifty new quests to grab a metric boatload of new items. All of this new gear and these new adventures prepare players for two new instances and some fearsome new bosses.

Part 1 of 2 Massive Updates Coming in December

Gamigo has announced that Fiesta Online will be receiving the first of two massive updates later this month. The level cap will be increasing to 135 and players will have the opportunity to check out two new instances, explore several new locations, new enemies, new items and exclusive quests. The second part of the update will be launched in 2017.

Gamigo Scores Global Publication Rights

Gamigo has announced that it has secured global publication rights to Fiesta Online. The deal was struck between Gamigo and Korean developer Ons On Soft. Gamigo has plans to make some improvements to the game including raising the level cap, rebalancing character classes, optimizations, new game content and more.

Archers Updated In Latest Patch

Gamigo has announced that the EU version of Fiesta Online has received a significant update, the centerpiece of which is a large number of changes to the Archer class. Archers have been rebalanced and adjusted according to feedback from community. In addition, bows and crossbows have also seen some big changes.

Large Update Increases Experience Rewards

Fiesta Online has been updated with a significant patch that brings increased experience rewards and a host of other bug fixes and feature enhancements into the game. In addition, players can look forward to the arrival of winter with festive decorations, sounds, Christmas trees and even the Fiesta Ski Event.

Celebration Of The Seventh Birthday

A two weeks' long event is taking place in the free-to-play MMORPG Fiesta Online to celebrate the game's seventh birthday. Players who participate and win in the special events will earn 7th Anniversary tokens that can be exchanged for rewards.

Celebrating Six Years in Style

Fiesta Online is turning six this year and the team behind it is putting on its party dress and sending out the invitations. Players can check out Disco Mode, Anniversary Town, a new quest line and much more.

Crusader Class to Deploy This Week

Gamigo has announced that the Crusader class will be added to Fiesta Online later this week. The Crusader is an elf class that is accessible at level 60 and includes new skills, armor and weapons.

Snow-As-You-Go Snowboards Released

Fiesta Online players have a new mount to enjoy with the release of the 'Snow-As-You-Go snowboards'. With these nifty rides, the snow is always fresh and plentiful and falls around the rider in any environment. The team has put together a great trailer to show them off and players can get free rides from the GMs this week!

A Bicycle Built for Two

The Fiesta Online community got a nice surprise yesterday through an announcement from the development team in the form of a new Buddy Bike, a new mount that allows players to take a friend along for the ride. In addition, a "Zip Board", sort of a hover board, will be added to further entice mount collectors. The new mounts can be previewed all this week and will be available on the weekend.

Fifth Anniversary Events Detailed

Fiesta Online is readying for its fifth anniversary party in a big way. Outspark, the North American publisher, has a series of in-game events planned for players in a wide variety of ways.

Gangnam Dance Off Announced

Fiesta players are invited to a Gangnam dance off to celebrate the international sensation popularized by South Korean singer, Psy. From September 19th to 24th, server populations are invited to try out the latest Fiesta dance, Roumen Style, and attempt to break the Guiness World Record.