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The Chronicles of Tinkerspell - Early Days

James Jackson Posted:
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WoW Fiction: The Chronicles of Tinkerspell - Early Days

MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent James Jackson tried his hand at a little bit of World of Warcraft fiction writing as he follows the career of a Gnome named Tinkerspell.

Tinkerspell looks over a small valley with wolves and strange humanoid creatures meandering about with interest. A nearby gnome catches her attention, and sure enough there is a quest to dispatch a bunch of these bothersome wolves. However before Tinkerspell can move, a massive Flag drops down in front of her. A fellow Gnome wishes to duel. This warlock is more powerful but still not too far ahead of Tinkerspell in experience. The duel starts seeing the warlock open up by casting corruption following by a shadow bolt just as Tinkerspell’s own fireball launches. She surprises the Warlock, and herself, by delivering a devastating blow. The second fireball sees the Warlock running away. With her own life diminishing from the Warlock’s corruption and Shadow bolts, she chases the Warlock down and beats him into submission with her mace. The humbled Warlock runs off as soon he is able, not even bothering to eat or drink to replenish his life or mana. Tinkerspell has a little ‘flex’ of her muscles at the retreating Warlock who is never to be seen again throughout her adventures.

The early times go so fast, with many basic quests to collect lost items, or to dispatch various nasty critters. Without even noticing, Tinkerspell reaches a crucial early stage of her development. Now is the time to plan a trip to Ironforge to learn her trade skills.

Tinkerspell looks up the roadway leading to Ironforge for the very first time and just stops, impressed by the enormity of the gates, which can be seen even from this great distance. Commence her run up the roadway her little pink pom poms for hair bobbing, belie her budding abilities. She is ready and eager to advance further in skills, knowledge and experience. She has already vanquished many foes on her travels to these might gates. These were easily dispatched even by the few spells at her disposal.

“Everything is just so huge”, she says to no-one in particular as she enters the mighty gates.

“Well you’re a Gnome”, comes a reply followed by raucous laughter. “What did you expect?”

Undeterred, Tinkerspell enters Ironforge, and is surprised again by both the massive size of the city and by the numerous creatures inside, for the city gates were quiet of traffic. So much chatter is going on its hard to follow; indeed much of the talk makes no sense. A cloth wearing Gnome goes by on a mechanical mount, dismounts right in front of Tinkerspell, and then seems to look her over. Tinkerspell examines the fellow Gnome and discovers a kindred spirit, another mage. She is wearing very fancy cloth armor, and some strange eyeglasses.

“Where did you get those glasses?” asks Tinkerspell.

“I am an engineer, I made them”, comes the reply.

‘WOW’, Thinks Tinkerspell, and “They are amazing” she says.

Heading over to a guard she asks where the engineer trainer is and then checking the map she heads to the trainer. Once there she notices that mining is definitely a match for engineering so she gets her mining training then her engineering training. She looks at the huge list of items she can learn and is awed and impressed. She buys a mining pick and a blacksmith Hammer leaving her with 1 copper. Thusly armed she heads back out to the world. First aid, cooking, and fishing will have to wait till she gets some monies.

Heading south out of Ironforge she sets her map to display mines and sure enough she finds her first mine not far from the roadway. However, wandering by the mine is a rather nasty looking wolf. The first fireball gets its attention. With its fur all burning up as it rushes towards Tinkerspell at great speed. The second fireball strikes the wolf as it lunges and bites. Tinkerspell’s third fireball takes a long time to launch as the wolves attacks keep interrupting it. Finally she resorts to striking the wolf with her mace, hoping to defeat the wolf before it defeats her. Blows for bite she matched this vicious wolves attack until she is successful. Grateful to have won she sits down to eat and drink some conjured food and water before she mines.

The first few mines are hard to fight too, and take many attempts before ore is forthcoming. Another tough decision confronts Tinkerspell now. She decides to take the copper ore and smelt it into bars then places them on the Auction house at Ironforge. This is a tough decision as she needs the ore to advance her beloved engineering, but she also needs monies to learn cooking, fishing and first aid. Not to mention that she could use some more bags to carry items.

Again the quests just blur by as Tinkerspell wanders all over the lands south of Ironforge. It is not long before Tinkerspell is hurling copper bombs at her foes, and selling broomsticks on the auction house for money. Before long Tinkerspell has switched up to using coarse dynamite on her enemies as it is much more effective than the rough copper bombs. Target dummies quickly become a favorite, as they help Tinkerspell escape when too many foes come at once. These life saving devises become her best friend and are quickly place when needed. Being able to run back when it’s safe to pick up some pieces from these once used is a great little bonus. These early days are a blur, with a major highlight being her first headpiece. These’ Flying Tiger Goggles’ are an amazing boost to her survivability and remain with her for quite a while till she is able to make and equip the’ Green Tinted Goggles’.


James Jackson