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Office 365 Or Office 2019: Which Is Better For Your Remote Work? (SPONSORED)

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One of the changes that COVID-19 presents is the expansion of Remote Work. It tends to continue due to the post-coronavirus changes, for the flexibility, safety and productivity it shows. What’ more, the commute times, the need for office space and managing cost are decreased, making it a good choice for both employee and employer.

If you’re looking for the best productivity apps for remote work, you’ve probably run into Microsoft Office. One major change that’s come to Office in recent years, though, is that you can now choose between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019, Office 2016.

So, which version of Microsoft Office is right for you? Here is a comparation form for your reference:

Office 2019 Vs Office 365 Vs Office 2016

Office 2019 embraces Advanced presentation features, more powerful data analysis, improved inking features, easier email management – now only with Office 2019 Pro Plus, and works only on Windows 10.  Even though Office 2019 doesn’t work well on the cloud, you can still use mobile apps for iOS and Android to edit files on the go.

Office 2019 costs $249.99 for the Home & Business edition or $439.99 for the Professional edition. Both editions come with desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, while the Professional edition adds Access and Microsoft Publisher. 

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Microsoft 365 costs $69.99 per year for an individual license. And on Godeal24.com you can get it much cheaper too. Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus Account - 1 Device 1 Year with only $15.57 By applying 55% off Coupon code DLE55

Office 2016 Pro Plus: the price of an Office 2016 Professional Plus License, in the Official Microsoft Store, is currently around 400 USD; The same on Godeal24.com Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus- only $21.20 By applying 62% off Coupon code DLE62. Still indispensable, now more helpful!

The latest home office OS: Windows 10

Windows 10 pro and Windows 10 home is Ideal for small business owners or people who need enhanced security and functionality. Microsoft Announces Windows 10 21H1 Update With Focus on Improving Remote Work and Learning. But for most of people, price of Windows10 is unaffordable, for example, the basic version of Windows 10 costs $139, Windows 10 Pro starts at $199.99, and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations costs $309.

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And Windows 10 Home with only $8.16 By applying 50% off Coupon code DLE50

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