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Lore: 12 Union - Last Bastion of the Human Realm

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Scarlet Legacy: 12 Union - Last Bastion of the Human Realm Since time immemorial the Chi forces of Yin and Yang which comprise all of existence have been in an uneasy balance, with the Immortal Yang Chi rising to create the benevolent Heavenly Realm and the turbid Yin Chi sinking to create the sadistic Demon Realm. The Human Realm was formed between them, with the delicate balance of Chi between the two keeping it stable enough to exist.  

Every 500 years the poles of Chi and the Immortal Realms themselves reverse their positions, and it is during these periods of turmoil in which the celestial forces of the Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm come into open conflict with one another. It is at just such a time in which the Immortals of the Heavenly Realm sense that during this particular shift of the poles that the Demon Realm has begun to send spirits directly to the Human Realm for the first time, possessing the bodies of government officials in a bid for dominion of a second Realm in their eternal struggle against the Heavenly Immortals. The Immortals of the Heavenly Realm, fearing the danger their physical presence on the mortal plane would present by further destabilizing the balance of Chi, leading to the complete destruction of the Human Realm, agree to a voluntary ban amongst themselves from personally descending to the world below in order to maintain the Realm's stability and its very existence.  

To combat the dark influence the demonically possessed official's begin exerting over their subjects, the Heavenly Immortals decide to wage battle by proxy as well, alerting the wisest of the Sages in the human world of the danger through Spirit Stones flung to earth from the heavens. Through these mystical projecting devices, they are able to exert their own Heavenly power over mortals, imbuing them with Heavenly-influenced powers of their own. These Sages were the first members of the legendary 12 Union organization. Vowing to combat the forces of the Demon Realm wherever they may appear in the Mortal Plane, they were successful in pushing back the threat of the secret invasion to the other side of the Gateway to the Demon Realm.  

Decades later, there is once again a tenuous stalemate between the Heavenly and Demonic Realms, with the integrity of the Human Realm thankfully stable for the time being. Now the 12 Union stands ever watchful over the Gateway to the Demon Realm, guarding the 4 Seals of the Elements which are all that keep the forces of the Demon Realm at bay.


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