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    Unity 3D
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    NJ Interactive
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Fellow: Eternal Clash Overview

Eternal Clash is an MMORPG for iOS and Android, originally released in South Korea via NJ Interactive, and making its way west as a F2P MMO from Canadian publisher, GoBoogie Games. Based on the two warring factions (Iron Eagle and Temepest Wolf), vying for control of the world of Dios. Players will fight alongside each other, against each other, and rise to the top of their guilds and factions in the fight for dominance.

Fellow: Eternal Clash Aims to Bring the Full MMO Experience to Mobile

Fellow: Eternal Clash is a new mobile MMO making its way to the West. Developers aim to bring the type of MMO experience PC players expect to mobile devices. We had the chance to sit down with Sean Choi of GoBoogie Games to learn how this will happen.

Closed Beta Testing Registration Begins

GoBoogie Games has announced that closed beta registrations for its mobile MMORPG, Fellow: Eternal Clash, have officially begun. Players can sign up to participate in testing opportunities and to score "special loot and currency rewards" for their participation. In addition, a special teaser site has launched to provide more information about what developers call "one of Korea's most popular mobile MMOs".