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EVE Online's Havoc Expansion Is Living Up To Its Name

After its first chaotic week, EVE Online's Havoc expansion is living up to its name. From pirate insurgencies to seeing more players since Uprising released, Havoc is proving to be a jolt of adrenaline for New Eden.

Maplestory's New Age Update is Marred with Controversy

Maplestory's major content release, New Age, is out soon. With this update comes the introduction to the Sixth Job advancement, a very big deal for late-game and end-game players. Yet certain aspects of the update are controversial.

World of Warcraft - Breaking Down BlizzCon 2023, Guardians of the Dream And More

BlizzCon 2023 and Guardians of the Dream have both come and gone, firmly in the rearview mirror - Robin breaks down the announcements and her thoughts on what Blizzard announced and has in store.

Exclusive: Here's A New Card From The Upcoming Disney Lorcana: Rise Of The Floodborn Set

If you're not up on your trading card games at the moment, Ravensburger recently entered the realm with a major IP up its sleeve: Disney Lorcana is here. We've got an exclusive look at one of the latest cards coming with The Rise of the Floodborn set on November 17th.

Building LotRO's Corsairs Of Umbar: Setting Expansion Expectations, Localizing And Community

The Lord of the Rings Online's Corsairs of Umbar expansion has finally launched and we're wrapping up our interview series on building the expansion. In this final part we explore how the studio sets expectations and pricing, localizes the MMO and then starts to show it to the community.

Which World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Starting Zone Is Easiest? (Tier List)

Planning your leveling route is the key to success when playing World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore. With permadeath lurking around every corner, we've ranked the six starting zones to see which one is the easiest, and which ones are the most deadly.

BlizzCon 2023 Preview - Predictions Of The Biggest Announcements From The Show

We're only four days away from opening ceremonies at BlizzCon and finally have answered all the questions about what's new and what we all have to look forward to. In the meantime, let's look at what we are likely to see and talk through some things that would be cool to see but are unlikely.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Community Q&A Highlights

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG that has been in development since 2014 by Visionary Realms. In September, it was announced that there would be a change in art style and that a new gameplay mode was entering into testing called 247. During the October Producer's Letter, more details were provided about the 247 survival extraction mode. The community reaction was mixed at best. Check out Kevin's thoughts on the information released so far and the community Q&A. 

Building An MMO Expansion: Crafting the World of LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar

In this second part of our Building An Expansion interview series with Standing Stone Games, we look at how the region of Umbar was crafted, from its early concept phase to placing the placeholder assets in the world itself.

Building LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar: How MMO Expansions Come To Life

Over the course of an MMO's life, expansions are oftentimes the lifeblood that continues to fuel them. They expand the stories and worlds we love. In this multi-part series, we dive into how LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar took shape, from its first planning phases through its reveal. In this part, we learn how Corsairs of Umbar started its life in the minds of its developers.

GTA Online Turns 10 - Here Are 10 Of The Wackiest Moments In My GTA Online Career

Grand Theft Auto V's online mode, GTA Online, has turned 10 today, marking the anniversary players were let loose against each other in Los Santos' streets and alleyways. Bradford and his crew have played since day one, creating over-the-top moments throughout the years.

EVE Online's New Zarzakh Region Looks Beautifully Brutal And Ripe For Chaos

EVE Online opened the stargates leading into the new region of space, Zarzakh, which looks, and functions fundamentally different than other areas in New Eden.

PAX West 2023: PDP's REALMz Controllers Are A Unique Spin On Collectibles

PDP's latest offering of peripherals, their REALMz line, are a bit unique among other gaming products. Housing a high-quality figurine inside, the REALMz controller and headset aim to capture the essence of the game they represent.

Completed Baldur's Gate 3 and Want to Fill The Void? Here's What You Should Play Next

Completed Baldur's Gate 3 and not quite sure what to do next? Here are a few ARPG and CRPGs to sate your appetite.

Starfield Review In Progress

Starfield is the next massive, open-world RPG from developer Bethesda Game Studios. Jason takes off and explores the stars in this review in progress.