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    N/A (03/15/2011)
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Faunasphere Overview

Faunasphere was a browser-based MMO aimed at those who enjoy casual gameplay, as well as families. Players took the role of "Caretakers", adopting creatures called Faunas, and cleaning up the environment and building Faunaspheres for all to live in.

The game offered non-violent interaction in several environments--arctic, swamp, rock, and forest--and players were able to take their Fauna with them in the fight against pollution. Building Faunaspheres provided an environment in which to nurture these special pets, and the game provided an inherent environmental message in fighting hordes of pollution.

Further aspects of gameplay included resource collection, crafting, and a host of collaborative efforts in which players were able to socialize and advance. There were also quirky elements involving altering characters' DNA via leveling (or through laying eggs) to make them more suited to weather conditions or many other tweaks. This was the heart of customization in Faunasphere.

The basic game was free to play, though there were three tiers of paid memberships available, each with an increase in the number of Fauna one could own, as well as an allotment of Bux, the item shop currency that was also available à la carte in Faunasphere's web store.

Now on Facebook!

Big Fish Games, the publishers of free-to-play MMOG Faunasphere, have announced that Faunasphere is now available on Facebook! What is also interesting is that both Faunasphere and Faunasphere Facebook are both linked, allowing players to share the same virtual world, regardless of how they access the game.

MMORPG.com's Review

Carolyn Koh tackles this browser based casual MMO and likes what she finds.

Faunasphere Review

Carolyn Koh tackles this browser based casual MMO and likes what she finds.