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Fantasy Tales Online Overview

Fantasy Tales Online is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG that will offer unique graphics with a retro style. To be successful, players must form parties, collect gear, and fight through randomly generated / hand crafted dungeons.

Currently in development and planned in the near future, the ability to craft weapons, items to shape your characters as well as have a place to call your home, and an ever changing landscape ravaged by weather Join us where we listen to the voice of the players, as we evolve our game into something that you look forward to playing each day.

  • Multi-Platform | Party up with your friends no matter what computer system they are running on!
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons | Quest through unique dungeons that pose different challenges, and loot each time you enter.
  • Point Based Skill System | Choose how you want your character to advance through your leveling experience.
  • Active Development Team | Have your voice be heard, with by a commited development team.li>
  • Unique Biomes / Areas | Weather that reacts based off of where you are located.
Immersing Players in an Epic Handcrafted World

Fantasy Tales Online is a new title currently in Steam Early Access that developers call a handcrafted pixel world with an epic journey for players. We had the opportunity to chat with Lead Developer Benoit Girard and 'Jack of All Trades' Gabriel Perez to learn more.