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Fallout 76 Articles

Fallout 76's Custom Worlds Are Letting Fallout 76 Players Truly Express Their Creative Sides

Fallout Worlds is letting Fallout 76 players create some truly awe-inspiring worlds. From medieval castles to giant mechs, the community is showcasing their creative sides in the worlds they are creating. We list our top 5 Fallout Worlds creations form the Fallout 76 community.

Fallout 76 - Everything Worth Knowing from the Latest AMA

Yesterday, Fallout 76 released their 2021 roadmap, complete with exciting features and additions like 4-Star weapons and armor, craftable Legendary Items and some upcoming changes to Private Servers. Today, Project Lead Jeff Gardiner and Design Director Mark Tucker took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to answer some questions. We've compiled their answers, and weeded out what's important for a streamlined experience.

Fallout 76 - Five Things To Know If You Return for Wastelanders

With the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update having hit the survival game recently, Steven took a look at what you should know if you decide to give the game another chance.

Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For

Yes, it's true - Fallout 76 limits players-per-world to 24. And to some, that's going to disqualify it from MMO status off the bat. I get why, I just hope MMO fans don't write off the game because of this number. Because at its core, it's the best new online RPG experience I've had in ages.