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Fallout 4 Articles

Obsidian Dev - 'I'm Always Up for Working on a Fallout'

Obsidian Entertainment developer Eric Fenstermarker, one of the development team behind Fallout: New Vegas, has indicated via Twitter that he'd be interested in working on another Fallout title.

Living Dismemberment Fix Incoming...and Other Stuff

No question that it's click-bait title but it's also an issue that Bethesda is including in the Fallout 4 1.3 update that is now in beta on Steam. In addition, the patch addresses performance issues and improvement to happiness calculators in settlements.

Oh the Weather Outside - New Mod Introduces Seasons

A new fan-made mod for Fallout 4 is showing a lot of promise with the introduction of seasons into the game. The video shows both before and after images with weather effects applied and it's breathtaking.

Play as a Stormtrooper  or Kylo Ren in New Mods

IGN has posted a new video that shows off a mod that allows Fallout 4 players to take on the role of a Star Wars Stormtrooper. A picture speaks a thousand words, so check out the video below.

What Will Be in the First DLC?

There may be spoilers in the article beyond this paragraph, so reader beware! It’s been a few months now since Fallout 4 came, conquered, and sold a bajillion copies across multiple platforms. There is a Season Pass for DLC, but as of this writing… we still don’t know anything about what that downloadable content will contain. Here then are some of our best guesses and wishes for just what will be in Fallout 4’s first DLC pack.

Macho Man Mod Continues the Tradition

Skyrim players will fondly remember the mod that turned Randy "Macho Man" Savage into a dragon. What Bethesda title would be complete without him, you ask. Worry no more! Thanks to the new "Macho Claws" mod, you can! Radioactive and everything, the Macho Man runs around the Commonwealth as a deathclaw complete with full wrestling regalia! You have to see it to believe it!

Game Complete With Zero Kills - Yep, It Can Be Done

PC Gamer has a neat article about a Fallout 4 player who completed the hardest game mode on Survival with exactly zero, yes, that's right: ZERO, kills. You have to see it to believe it and the player in question offers the opportunity by having created a nearly-40 video series that basically comes down to "how I did it" utilizing high charisma.

From Left Field - 'Addiction' Cited in New Lawsuit

Russian Times is reporting that a Fallout 4 player is suing Bethesda for ~$7,000 USD and claims that he did not "know the game would become so addictive". According to the news story, the Siberian man lost his job, wife and many friends as is cited in legal documents associated with the claim.

Nuka Cola Returns to Target This Week

US Fallout 4 fans who missed out on getting their hands on some Nuka Cola when the game first game out will have the chance to grab some thanks to the announcement that it is returning to Target retail stores this week. Nuka Cola will run $2.99 or future players can score some for free with the purchase of Fallout 4 or an XBox One Season Pass.

How to Look Like an ARPG with Angles & Settings!

A Reddit user has posted a great series of screenshots that boldly states, "If Black Isle made Fallout 4". The screens show Fallout 4 in a new way full of isometric over-the-shoulder views all accomplished by way of tweaking camera angles and settings.

Christmas in the Wasteland -- It's Possible!

Even Fallout 4 is in the holiday mood with a festive look even in the post apocalyptic world as it is in 2287. Players wanting to see the decorations strung up in and around the Jewel of the Commonwealth will want to "sleep" to the in-game date of December 25, 2287. Once done, players will wake to strings of lights, Christmas trees and a sweet manger scene that we won't spoil.

Beware the Blow to the Head -- Blurred Vision Can Ensue

According to a new post at Polygon, and on several other sites, there is a new bug flying around in Fallout 4 that causes players to come down with blurred vision after a critical hit to the head. Others report that vision becomes black-and-white. Regardless of the affliction, vision is only returned to normal using a stimpak.

The Wasteland Earns a Whopping $750M in 24-Hours

A game is assuredly a success when it makes Fortune magazine. In an article posted the other day, it was revealed that Bethesda and the Fallout 4 team raked in $750M in day one sales. That translates to 12M copies sold in the first 24-hours.

Did I Really Just Say That? New Mod Says, 'Yep, You Did!'

A new mod for Fallout 4 has turned up to give players a visual look at precisely what their characters will say when choosing a dialog option such as "sarcasm" or "hold on". The game as-is does not show players exactly what will be said that can lead to some ... awkward ... situations. With this new mod, that becomes a thing of the past.

How to Kill the Fun - Mosignor Plaza Bug Can End Game

According to Gamespot, there is a potentially game-ending bug in a quest line that takes players to Mosignor Plaza. Traveling to the location causes a desktop crash and pops up an error message.