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Fallen Earth Articles

Fallen Earth Sees More Players Online At The Same Time This Weekend Than Any Time In The Last Six Years

Fallen Earth came back late last week in a free-to-play classic server, and to say it's been popular with the MMORPG community is an understatement. In fact, the CEO of Little Orbit Matthew Scott reveled in the number of players online during Halloween with some player statistics worthy of celebration.

Fallen Earth is Back With Improved Servers as a Gift to the Community

Just days after confirming that Fallen Earth would be back in a classic edition, with wiped servers and a clean database, the game is now live again.

Fallen Earth is Coming Back as a Completely Free to Play Classic Version

Little Orbit will bring Fallen Earth back online as Fallen Earth Classic, a version that will be entirely free to play with no shop, and let you start from scratch.

Fallen Earth's Last Stand 10 Year Anniversary Kicks Off Today

Fallen Earth is coming to a close, but not before sending players who have enjoyed the MMO for the last 10 years off with a final hurrah. The Last Stand event starts today and runs until October 14th, after which the servers will be shut off.

Fallen Earth Anniversary Event Running Late, Server Shutdown Delayed Until After Event

It appears Fallen Earth has "hit a snag" with their updater service which builds out patches to the game, and runs the risk of missing the 9/22 date with the event.

While Fallen Earth Might Be Going Offline, Developer Reboot Rekindles Hope In Fans

Fallen Earth, the sci-fi based MMORPG developed most recently by Little Orbit, will be shutting down on October 2nd, per a post by the developer on the official website.

Fallen Earth Team Ready to Take on 2019 for a 'Reboot, a New Game' or...Something Else

Little Orbit took over the reins for Fallen Earth in May 2018. Since then, developers have been quietly working away to solve "crippling bugs and a low player base". In addition, devs felt that the project was one that would take a lot of time to work through. In a new post on the Fallen Earth site, Matt Scott has reviewed the work that has been tackled and / or completed and provided a look ahead at the coming year as the team works to move the game to a new engine.

Player Created Town, The Outpost, Now on PTS

The May Producer's Letter has been published on the Fallen Earth site. In it, the news is announced that the player created town called The Outpost is now live on the public test server and that the team is actively working on stability and getting it prepped for inclusion in the full game.

March State of the Game Letter Shows Player-Made Town Art

The Outpost is set to bring something entirely new to Fallen Earth. The March State of the Game letter allows the team behind the town's creation to show off several interesting teaser screens and artwork. According to Marie Croall, the town will be similar to the Citadel, but larger with more robust features.

Login Server Shut Down Due to DDoS Attack

The Fallen Earth team has taken to Twitter to let players and fans know that the login server has been shut down due to a series of DDoS attacks. No further information has been released or any indication that servers are back up at this point. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

Celebrating in the Wasteland

The latest Fallen Earth progress report shows off some of the things that players can expect to find in the game during the holiday season. Fans can get a look at several screenshots and also get a bit of a peak at what the team will be working on next.

Farms Now In Live Game

Fallen Earth players with a bent for the ol' homestead will want to check into the game now that the v2.6 update has gone live. The update brings the much anticipated farming mechanic into the post apocalyptic game.

Latest State of the Game Letter Published

The latest Fallen Earth State of the Game letter has been published on the official blog. In it, the team discusses how the upcoming farm system will work. In addition, it is revealed that the effects revamp will kick off after the new year and a small developer/fan Q&A wraps up the letter.

Farms Incoming

The November edition of the Fallen Earth State of the Game letter has been published with the news that the team has been actively working on bringing the farm feature into the game. Players will be able to place farms somewhere in the game world and use them to raise organic materials such as animals and crops.

October State of the Game

The latest (and very short) Fallen Earth State of the Game letter has been published on the game's official blog. In it, players are given a rundown as to what the team has been and is currently working on: Bug fixes. In addition, there is a hint that new features will be incoming for high level players in the future.