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Fairyland Online Overview

Fairyland Online, a 2D fantasy MMORPG from Lager Network Technologies, features turn-based combat, quests, and an extensive pet system. Set against the backdrop of several famous fairy tales, there are three races to choose from and customize, including Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. The action takes place amongst three guilds, which players join at level 10. Each race is more suited to one of these three sides, which players can try out before pledging to join. Once joined to a guild, several class trees open up to the player, include the usual tanks, mages, and rogues. PvP in Fairyland Online is in depth as well, and its highlight is guild-vs-guild "Kingdom Wars". In addition to a great variety of pets, there are also dolls and personal titles to collect.

Fairyland Online is an older game, and has low system requirements and graphical quality. It is free-to-play and supports an item shop with microtransactions.


  • Warrior | Wade into battle with the Blademan, Swordman, and Axeman classes of the Goldburg City guild, which become the BladeMaster, SwordSage, and Berserker Advanced Classes at level 60.
  • Journeyman | Learn unique skills with the Martial Artist, Beast Master, and Trader classes of the Rainbow City guild, which become the Kung Fu Master, Beast Lord, and Merchant Prince Advanced Classes at level 60.
  • Diviner | Cast powerful spells with the Mage, Acolyte of Light, and Acolyte of Dark classes of the Bluebird guild, which become the ArchMage, Architect of Light, and Schemer of Darkness Advanced Classes at level 60.

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