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Face of Mankind Articles

Closing By the End of August

Marko Kieckmann has gone on record as saying that he and the team will be reluctantly closing down Face of Mankind by the end of August 2015. Kieckmann thanks backers, the community and his development team for their nearly fourteen years of dedication. Further, he indicates that he is currently working on a new project that he will be able to share "soon".

Greenlight Campaign Kicks Off

The Face of Mankind campaign to be 'greenlit' on Steam's gaming platform has begun. Fans are invited to head to the game's Steam page to vote whether or not it should be included in the next batch of titles.

Documentary-Style Video Chronicles the Game's Development

The Face of Mankind has been in development and being worked on since 2001. In a new video released by the development team, the chronicle of that development is showcased. It's an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how games are made. Enjoy!

Video Dev Interview Targets Game Mechanics

Marco Dieckmann has posted a brand new video developer interview on the official KickStarter page for Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion. In the video, Dieckmann discusses game mechanics that are unique to FoM: FotD. Check it out!

Kickstarting New Adventures

Face of Mankind is a popular sandbox title that is ready to set off on a KickStarter campaign with Fall of the Dominion. We sat down to talk with Marko Dieckmann and Christopher Allford about the campaign and what players can expect in Fall of the Dominion. Check it out!

First Impressions with Rippa X!

Ripper enters the futuristic MMORPG world of Face of Mankind for some EPIC First Impressions! FOM is a player-driven science fiction MMO currently being developed by Nexeon Technologies. The game is set apart from traditional MMOs by the notion that each individual player can have an impact - large or small - on the game universe. Players can assume whatever role they wish, and are not bound by class, skill points or level. Be it a law enforcement officer, corporate trader, miner or criminal

Multicom Functionality Added

Face of Mankind players will now have a variety of in-game options with the addition of "Multicom", powered by Overwolf. Multicom includes the usual Overwolf features as well as the ability for developers to create apps and share them via the Multicom Appstore.

Catching Up with the FoM Team

Face of Mankind is a terrific title that is said to be constantly evolving. We managed to catch up to Lead Developer Chris "Oblivious" Allford, and VP of Operations Jesse "JesteR" Asklund to find out what the team has been up to lately. Read on!

New Community Team

The Face of Mankind community team has expanded with the addition of two new personnel. Community Manager Josh "Jove" Smith and Associate Community Manager Michelle "Meesh" Archer-Waterman have joined the team to revitalize the Face of Mankind community.

New Dev Blog Outlines Big Changes

A new developer blog has cropped up on the Face of Mankind site. The post goes into detail about several new features that are being brought into the game including customized tax rates, sector ownership and much more.

Mission System Overhaul Incoming

Face of Mankind devs have sent word that they are hard at work on a forthcoming patch that will feature a complete mission system overhaul. Mission systems is a more "free form" questing system and one that the team has been actively working on for the last several weeks.

Under New Management

Face of Mankind is now being developed by Nexeon Technologies. The team has sent out notice that the website and forums have been given a much-needed facelift and have a laundry list of game features and fixes that have been implemented in just the last few weeks.

Open Beta Begins December 5th!

The Open Beta start date for Face of Mankind has been announced today on the official Face of Mankind forums. Duplex Systems' Managing Director cautions that while the game may not be perfectly balanced, or contain all the features that Closed Beta testers were eager to see, that the game would never be able to attain "perfection" without widespread testing, and so the game will be open to anyone interested come Saturday, December 5th 2009.

Face of Mankind Re-Launch

Duplex Systems and Nexeon Technologies have announced their plans to re-launch Face of Mankind and have detailed some of the changes they are in the process of making to the game.

Game Cancelled

Another MMORPG joins the ranks of the fallen as Face of Mankind announced recently that their MMORPG is canceled, citing financial issues as the first reason.