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Fable Legends Articles

[UPDATE] Original Artist Clarifies Images Not From Any Specific Project

[UPDATE] In an email to IGN from the original artist, these images are not related to Fable 4.

Lionhead Reborn as an Indie? Maybe!

Rumors are floating around that Lionhead may be in the process of reorganizing as an independent studio and that employees are in talks with Microsoft to recoup Fable Legends in order to continue its development. This information was revealed by MCVUK.com via three sources who independently confirmed the studio reorganization, though only one mentioned the talks with Microsoft.

Development on Fable Legends Ends, Lionhead UK to Close

Microsoft has announced via its official blog that development of Fable Legends has ceased and that Lionhead Studios in the UK will be closing. Fable Legends has been in development exclusively for XBox One and Windows 10.