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    Action RPG
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    Lionhead Studios
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    Q1 2016 (03/07/2016)
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Fable Legends Overview

Fable Legends is a free to play co-op action RPG in the Fable series. The game sets up four heroes and a villain (which may be players or AI) to take on quests and defest the villain of each, as well as complete objectives together. The vplayers work together while the villain decides things such as quest type, enemy strength, where they spawn, and other strategic elements. The villain will then control the field and attempt to stop the heroes via a strategic system reminiscent of an RTS. These obstacles may include creature summons, traps, gates, and more. Fable Legends is free to play and will feature a number of heroes and villains to choose from and will be integrated with features of Windows 10 and Xbox One.

  • Come All Ye Heroes (and Villains) | The strategic gameplay of Fable Legends lets up to four players play together as heroes, along with one player or AI villain who is determined to stop them from completing their quest. While playable solo, the game is designed for co-op play.
  • In Another Lifetime | The game takes place as a prequel to the Fable series, taking place in a world filled with magic, a few centuries before the main series began.
  • Free to Play | Fable Legends uses a free to play model and will promote player heroes relying upon one another to succeed against villains and quest objectives.
[UPDATE] Original Artist Clarifies Images Not From Any Specific Project

[UPDATE] In an email to IGN from the original artist, these images are not related to Fable 4.

Lionhead Reborn as an Indie? Maybe!

Rumors are floating around that Lionhead may be in the process of reorganizing as an independent studio and that employees are in talks with Microsoft to recoup Fable Legends in order to continue its development. This information was revealed by MCVUK.com via three sources who independently confirmed the studio reorganization, though only one mentioned the talks with Microsoft.

Development on Fable Legends Ends, Lionhead UK to Close

Microsoft has announced via its official blog that development of Fable Legends has ceased and that Lionhead Studios in the UK will be closing. Fable Legends has been in development exclusively for XBox One and Windows 10.