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    Hero Engine
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    Exile Gaming Studio Limited
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Exile Online Overview

EXILE ONLINE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that takes place in a fantastical Scifi dystopian cyberpunk universe. The game will feature an extensive player housing, a mix-and-match skill system, an intricate economy, implants, politics, and, of course, a dark futuristic world of high technology and low morals. Life on Erebus is cheap. The wary citizen must always keep an eye out, lest they become just another statistic, crushed under the feet of monumentally powerful and corrupt mega corporations and bureaucratic agencies.


  • Fantastical Cyberpunk World! | Enter the dark and gritty world of Erebus. Run missions and complete tasks for the warring mega factions and omnicorps that rule the world in all but name. Pull yourself up from the ranks to become ruler of all you survey. Overthrow and replace petty business rivals and take what is rightfully yours. The power to forge a unique destiny for your character is in the palm of your hand.
  • Skill Based Character Evolution! | Which skills will you prioritize? From crafting to combat to stealthing in the shadows, you can learn to do virtually anything you can dream of and some things you might not have. Upload your avatar to the Cybernet and take the battle to the digital highways.
  • Ever Evolving Universe! | Hook up with a clan and run missions together. Earn street cred with the gangs and corps througout the world of Erebus. Crush your enemies wherever they may be. Whether it be through direct military might or engaging your opponent in a battle of wills as you both compete for riches both legal and illicit. Your every desire can be fulfilled. But remember, the great the reward, the greater the risk.