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EverQuest Articles

Exclusive: Check Out EverQuest: Night Of Shadows' New Key Art As The Expansion Enters Its Beta Today

EverQuest's upcoming expansion, Night of Shadows, enters its expansion beta today, and the team at Darkpaw Games are celebrating with new key art for the upcoming MMO addition.

Travel Back In Time with the Progression Server

Every MMO gamer knows of the title “EverQuest.” Some of you actually played it, but the rest usually listen wearily while EQ veterans wax and wane about the so-called glory days. Regardless of your position on the game, there’s no doubting that EQ fans are some of the most passionate you’ll meet, and their insatiable appetite for nostalgia goes unrivaled.

Answering the Call of the Forsaken

EverQuest will be expanding soon with the unprecedented twentieth expansion when Call of the Forsaken goes live. We scored a developer walkthrough of the expansion and have an exclusive preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments.

Diving Into the Heart of Fear

We were privy to a tour from SOE this week, and today we break down Heart of Fear, the latest major content update to EverQuest, in our latest preview.

A Series Spanning the MMO Ages

During SOE Live, developers from both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 were on hand to talk about their games and the upcoming expansions for each. In addition, new information was released about the so-called EverQuest Next. We've got a report straight out of SOE Live so keep reading!

Veil of Alaris Preview

During a recent developer tour, MMORPG.com's Som Pourfarzaneh got a hands on look at the upcoming EverQuest expansion, Veil of Alaris. Som has put together his thoughts about what he saw and experienced so keep reading! Leave your thoughts in the comments when you're finished.

Underfoot Expansion Preview

The Underfoot Expansion is on the way for the grandfather of MMOs: SOE's EverQuest. Carolyn Koh recently dialed it back and ran around. Find out what she saw.

Expansion Preview: Seeds of Destruction

Caralyn Koh was in attendance at this year's SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas, and she brings us the low down on EverQuest's next expansion, The Seeds of Destruction, which takes players on a trip through time to play the history of EverQuest.

Progression Server Preview

We look forwad to EQ starting again in this report from E3.