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EverQuest Articles

EverQuest Will Offer Level 100 Heroic Characters For Sale Next Week, But No Free Characters At This Time

Next week, EverQuest will be getting new level 100 Heroic characters for sale,  along with a number of bonuses and gear to take on Norrath.

EverQuest Roadmap Update Details Server Merges, Events, and How the Next Expansion is Coming Along

Roadmap update for EverQuest shows completed server merges, and updates on development of the next expansion, which should see beta this October.

EverQuest Scorched Sky Celebration Returns With New Quests, a New Mission, and Flame Themed Mysteries

It's Scorched Sky Celebration time again in EverQuest. This year's event features three new quests, a new mission, new Agents, and six new Overseer quests.

EverQuest Adds Torment of Velious to The List of Free Expansions for All

EverQuest  is adding another of its long list of expansions to the free to play list for all. This time, 2019's Torment of Velious is making the move, and is available to play now.

Hardcore Heritage Returns to EverQuest, Offering Increased Difficulty and Rewards

Hardcore Heritage is back in EverQuest. Head to some zones you may not have been to in a while for increased difficulty and increased rewards.

New Vaniki and Yelinak TLP Servers Opening for EverQuest on Wednesday

The newest Time-Locked Progression servers for EverQuest, Yelinak and Vaniki, will open up on Wednesday.

Details Announced for EverQuest's Upcoming Server Merges in June

Details are out for EverQuest's upcoming server merges set to happen on June 15th.

EverQuest Introduces the All New Tempest Festival

A new event has landed in EverQuest - the Tempest Festival celebrates rain and Karana's blessings through May 15th.

EverQuest Getting Two New TLP Servers, Anniversary Part 2, and More in 2022

The original EverQuest is still marking its 23rd anniversary, with new events and the return of past anniversary events. Darkpaw also announced names and full details of the Time-Locked Progression Severs coming in May.

EverQuest is Celebrating its 23rd Anniversary With Brand New Content and Returning Favorites

It's time to celebrate in EverQuest, with Darkpaw Games holding the 23rd anniversary event. Enjoy new quests, a new raid, a mission, and lots of returning content to enjoy.

EverQuest's 64-Bit Servers Are Launching On February 15th

EverQuest is moving into the 64-bit era finally as its servers and clients make the jump next week. Coming on February 15th, the move will allow Darkpaw's devs to open the tap on the amount of memory your client and the server can utilize.

Share the Love (Or Complaints!) With Erollisi Day in EverQuest

Show your love in the returning event for EverQuest, Erollisi Day, which is here to let you spread love and reap rewards.

EverQuest Gets a 2022 Roadmap With 23rd Anniversary Plans, New Progression Servers, and the 29th Expansion

EverQuest's roadmap shows a full year of planned content updates, balance changes, new 64-bit clients, and the 29th expansion release.

Vampires, Creepy Creatures, and Loads of New Content as EverQuest's Terror of Luclin Expansion is Live

EverQuest has some creepy new adventures to take on the moon of Luclin in the latest expansion, Terror of Luclin, out today. 

It's Frostfell Time Again in EverQuest, With New Quests and Returning Holiday Content

EverQuest is in festive mode again, as Frostfell begins today. The event will bring both new and returning content and goodies in two stages, running through January 7th.