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EverQuest Articles

EverQuest's 27th Expansion Has Been Announced

The 27th - yes, 27th - expansion for EverQuest has been announced, called Claws of Veeshan.

Everquest Reducing Server Capacity To Combat Performance issues

In an update on their forums, the EverQuest team has announced some changes coming to the Aradune server.

Original EverQuest Team Member, Mike Hutchins, Has Passed Away

Mike Hutchins, another member of the original EverQuest team, has sadly passed away.

EverQuest Server Merge Starts May 19

It looks like several servers for EverQuest are set to merge in May. Here are the details.

EverQuest Servers Open To All Till May 8

In case you missed it, EverQuest servers are open to all until May 8.

EverQuest Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Bonus Event and Player-Designed Anniversary Quests

EverQuest is celebrating its 21st birthday with a bonus experience event, in addition to player-designed anniversary quests.

Darkpaw Game's New Head of Studio Releases Letters To EverQuest Communities

In a brace of letters released to the EverQuest communities, new Darkpaw Studios head Jennifer Chan addressed the community. This comes almost a week after it was announced former head of studio Holly Longdale was stepping down from her role.

EverQuest Executive Producer Leaves Darkpaw Games

In a post on the EverQuest website today, the franchise's executive producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale has stepped down from her role with the franchise. Technical Director Jennifer Chan will be stepping into the role, having worked alongside Longdale for the past five years, according to the post.

EverQuest Turns 21, Details New Overseer Feature

EverQuest, one of the hallmarks of the MMORPG genre, is turning 21 this year, and the folks at Daybreak are still going strong.

EverQuest Players Plan Protest for February 29

EverQuest players are planning a protest for February 29 on the Zek server. Here are the details.

EverQuest Torment of Velious Expansion Available Today

The Torment of Velious expansion for EverQuest is live today.

Forum Discussion: What’s The Best Necro Class In Any MMO?

What is the best necromancer class in any MMO? This is the discussion going on in our forums right now, so be sure to throw your hat into the ring.

Everquest Fan Server Is Going To Party Like It's 1999

In a forum post, via RPS, it looks like one fan server is going to host a PvE version of Everquest as it was in 1999.

Daybreak Games & the Comic-Con Museum to Host an EverQuest Interactive Art Exhibit

On the weekend of April 27-28, 2019, Daybreak Games and the Comic-Con Museum will be hosting "a special interactive art exhibit, "EverQuest 20: A Living Legend". Viewers of the exhibit will be able to enjoy artwork and other memorabilia from a number of artists that have worked on the game during its first two decades.

There May Yet Be Another Entry in the EverQuest Franchise According to Holly Longdale

Variety has a new interview with EverQuest's Holly Longdale that deals with the franchise as a whole, kind of a "history of" type of thing, but what piqued our interest is the bit about a possible new entry in the EverQuest franchise. "I would never say that there isn't a world where I wouldn't love to do another co-op or even a single-player experience that tells some of these amazing stories that we've fleshed out over 20 years, but the social dependency is who we are." she said.