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EverQuest Articles

22nd Expansion Interview with Brad McQuaid

Last month saw the release of EverQuest’s 22nd expansion. To honor the occasion we asked a few questions of one of the original designers and visionaries behind the project, Brad McQuaid. Read on for what Brad had to say.

A 'Coding' Melting Pot

An inside look at the many coders who have implemented their work into the game and how those early code threads have evolved with the game (e.g., Legacy of the Baby Dragon). Here to shed some light on the franchise’s evolution is Jennifer Chan (Technical Director) and Terry Michaels (Senior Producer) from Daybreak Games.

The Best Things About EverQuest From the People Who Made It

Recently we had the chance to sit down and chat with three EverQuest developers, just before both the original EQ and its sequel are to receive their 22nd and 12th expansions. We have a full week of features on EverQuest planned, but today we wanted to ask each developer what they love most about the storied franchise. Here’s what Holly Longdale (Executive Producer), Jonathan Caraker (Lead Designer) and Alan VanCuvering (Assistant Lead Designer) had to say.

The Broken Mirror Examined

EverQuest will be growing soon with its twenty-second expansion, The Broken Mirror. We had a chance to chat with the team behind the expansion to find out more about its systems, features and new zones.

Still Going After 15 Years

At SOE Live, the original EverQuest got its share of the spotlight, and it was clear that despite Landmark and EverQuest Next being the new hotness, the elder game in the franchise still has legs and a future in front of it. We sat down with EverQuest Producer Thom Terrazas to discuss their plans for the game and what that immediate future might be.

Happy 15th Anniversary Norrath - EQ Updates

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to catch up with some of the key players in the EverQuest franchise team at SOE. EverQuest is nearing its 15th anniversary this week on March 16th, and each of the EQ games in the pantheon have something happening to celebrate. We met with Dave Georgeson, Thom Terrazas, Holly Longdale, and Terry Michaels to chat briefly about what each game has in the works for the coming weeks.

Wayback Wednesday with the EQ Team

Last week, Wayback Wednesday took a trip down memory lane with Thom Terrazas, SOE Producer for EverQuest; as well as first time guests Jonathan Caraker, Lead Designer for EQ; and Josh Augustine, Designer all of the EverQuest team. Check out what they had to say and some spiffy game play during the chat. Head to the comments to chat about it when you're finished!

Big News for the EverQuest Franchise

Today marks a big day for EverQuest fans of all stripes. Sony Online Entertainment has made some significant changes to the free to play matrices in EverQuest and EverQuest 2 and laid to rest the permadeath rumor for EverQuest Next. See what else we discovered when talking with Dave Georgeson and then chat about it in the comments.

19 Expansions Strong

For this week's episode of Wayback Wednesday, Rob had the opportunity to check out the latest Everquest expansion. He was joined by SOE Producer Thom Terrazas and Assistant Lead Designer Julie Burness. It's a great look at EQ's 19th expansion, Rain of Fear. Check it out!

A Testament to EQ's Longevity

EverQuest players have a lot to look forward to with the arrival of the game's latest expansion, Rain of fear. We managed to catch up to Lead Designer Adam Bell to talk about RoF. See what he had to say and then join the conversation in the comments.

Wayback Wednesday - The Hero's Forge

This week's Wayback Wednesday features EverQuest. Our own Rob Lashley had the opportunity to check out the game's new Hero's Forge with Lead Designer Adam Bell. We've got the video interview along with a terrific recap. Read on!

Wayback Wednesday with Everquest F2P

During a recent edition of Wayback Wednesday, our own Rob "Grakulen" Lashley sat down to chat with Everquest's Thom Terrazas. We've got the highlights and the link to the full video interview inside. Read on!

F2P Launch & 13th Anniversary Round Table

EverQuest, one of the greatest MMOs of all time, is ready to hit a pair of milestones this week with its free to play launch and its 13th anniversary. We had the opportunity to chat about both during a round table discussion with EQ Producer Thom Terrazas. See what we learned and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Building EQ - The Brad McQuaid Interview

It's EverQuest Day today at MMORPG.com and we have a pair of features that should bring a starry tear of remembrance to our readers' eyes. In our second feature, we had the pleasure to sit down with Brad McQuaid to talk about the earliest days of EverQuest. It's an exciting interview that you won't want to miss. Read on!

What Lies Behind the Veil of Alaris?

SOE's Fan Faire was recently held in Las Vegas. During the annual event, several big announcements were launched including the newest Everquest expansion, The Veil of Alaris. MMORPG.com's Drew Wood had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with EQ's producer, Thom Terrazas. Read on!