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EverQuest Articles

Progression Server Q&A, Part 3

We learn more from Travis McGeathy.

Progression Server Q&A, Part 2

We learn more about the recently launched progression server.

Progression Server Q&A, Part 1

Carolyn Koh asks some questions about the progression server.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #6

Carolyn catches up with the SOE folks again.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #5

Carolyn chats with the folks behind EQ again.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #4

Another bi-weekly Q&A hits today.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #3

Carolyn catches up with Greg Short and Travis McGeathy of SOE for more EQ info.

Prophecy of RO: Q&A #2

Carolyn chats with Travis McGeathy about the expansion.

Prophecy of RO: Q&A #1

We hone in on the upcoming expansion in the first of a bi-weekly Q&A series.

Depths of Darkhollow Q&A

It has been a long time since we caught up with the former king's of the hill - SOE's classic EverQuest. Now, with yet another expansion heading down the pipe, we talk to Craig Knapp, Producer.

Dragons of Norrath Interview With Alan Crosby

Reed Hubbard sits down with Alan Crosby of Sony Online Entertainment for a brief Q&A. In this special interview we feature questions that were submitted by our fine community!