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EverQuest Articles

12th Anniversary Roundtable Interview

It's hard to believe that it's been twelve years since the launch of Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest. MMORPG.com Community Manager Mike Bitton recently had a chance to participate in a roundtable interview with SOE President John Smedley, EverQuest Assistant Lead Designer Alan VonCouvering and EverQuest Associate Producer Harvey Burgess to discuss the 12 year anniversary. Check it out!

House of Thule Interview

MMORPG.com writer Michael Lafferty has both a look forward and a look back at the phenomenon known as EverQuest. As the game gets ready for its seventeenth expansion, House of Thule, Michael had the chance to sit down with EQ's Thom Terrazas to talk about House of Thule and about what it's like to work on a still successful title that's nearing eleven years old. Check it out!

Server Type Interview

Recently, the team over at SOE's EverQuest announced that they would be adding a new server type in the form of a 51/50 server. EQ's Senior Game Designer Ryan Barker answered our questions about this new server and other alternate ruleset servers.

10 Year Anniversary Interview

On March 16th, SOE's EverQuest celebrated its 10 year anniversary. MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently spoke with EQ Designer Jonathan Caraker about the milestone.

EQ Dev Chat Transcript

Last night we held a Dev Chat where MMORPG.com members had the opportunity to talk with the good people from EverQuest. Today we present the transcript of last night's chat.

Dev Chat Log

On Tuesday, the folks from EverQuest dropped by our chat room to talk a little bit about their game and to answer questions from MMORPG.com members.

Dev Chat Log

On Wednesday night, the folks from EverQuest stopped by our chat room to answer questions from the MMORPG.com community.

Condensed Chat Summary

This Thursday, MMORPG.com hosted a chat with the EverQuest development team. This article is a summary of that chat, including all the highlights!

Dev Chat Log

On Thursday night, the guys from the EverQuest team stopped by to talk to fans and answer their questions in our chat room.

Progression Servers (part 1 of 2)

In this, the first of a two-part look at the EverQuest Progression Servers, Community Manager Laura Genender talks about the project and her experiences in-game.

Jose Araiza & Travis McGeathy

We get answers from the Project Manager and Lead Designer in this edition of our EverQuest Q&As.

Jose Araiza, Project Manager

We chat with Araiza about the launch of the Serpent Spine expansion pack.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #9

The next expansion releases next week, so here is our last Q&A on the topic.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #8

Laura takes over the Q&A duties and talks to Chris Lena.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #7

Travis McGeathy is back with more answers.