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EverQuest Articles

New Time-Locked Progression Servers, Teek & Tormax, Live in EverQuest

Teek and Tormax, EverQuest's latest new Time-Locked Progression servers, are now live. Choose a more traditional option or random loot.

EverQuest Will Roll Out Level 50 Heroic Character Options Next Week

EverQuest is introducing level 50 Heroic Characters as a new option for purchase, after previously releasing Heroics at level 85 and level 100.

Name Reservation Criteria for EverQuest's New Time-Locked Progression Servers, Teek & Tormax, Announced

 EverQuest is getting set to open up two new Time-Locked Progression servers, Teek and Tormax, and the name registrations for the two new servers are already open. 

EverQuest's In-Person Fippy Fest Schedule Revealed

If you're wondering what you're most likely missing for EverQuest's $1500 in-person fan celebration for the game's 25th anniversary, we finally know.

EverQuest's Latest Producer's Letter Announces New Time-Locked Progression Servers

Two new time-locked progression servers are coming to EverQuest.

EverQuest To Start All-Year 25th Anniversary Celebration 

One of the MMORPG's earliest legends, EverQuest, turns 25 years old today, March 16--and to celebrate, the game is rolling out year-long events. 

Join Everquest's In-Person Fippy Fest For $1499

Want to immerse yourself in the world and history of the 25-year-old legendary MMORPG EverQuest with other fans, in-person in California? That'll be $1,499.

EverQuest Year of Darkpaw Celebration Continues With New Giveaways This Month

The developers of EverQuest are celebrating for the entire year of 2024 in what they are calling Year of the Darkpaw. With the dawn of a new month just beginning, the devs have announced new giveaways for the month of February.

Everquest Year-Long Anniversary Celebration Brings Two New Expansions

Everquest and Everquest 2 are coming in hot already this year with a roadmap that showcases several events, two new expansions, and thrilling quests to kick off this year with a bang. 

EverQuest Launches Its 30th Expansion, Laurion's Song, Raising the Level Cap and a Mysterious New Storyline

Laurion's Song, EverQuest's 30th expansion is out now, raising the level cap, adding the Alternate Personas feature, and lots of new content. Expect new zones, missions and quests, raids, new combat abilities and spells, with a new mystery to unravel.

[Update] EverQuest Players Up In Arms Over Dupe Exploit, Lack Of Communication From Darkpaw Games

EverQuest players are up in arms thanks to a new duplication exploit that has hit the MMO, and while a hotfix was rolled out, many players are upset at both a lack of communication from Darkpaw Games, as well as saying the hotfix doesn't do enough to fix the problems.

EverQuest And EverQuest II Expansions Now Available For Pre-Order

EverQuest and EverQuest II are gearing up to launch an expansion each by the end of the year, and the two games have now opened pre-orders. The expansions mark the 30th and the 20th expansion for each MMO, respectively.

EverQuest Talks Its 30th Expansion, Laurion's Song, In Latest Producer's Letter

Following yesterday's EverQuest II Producer's Letter, it's the OG's turn. Today Darkpaw dropped information about EverQuest's next few months, including its 30th expansion, Laurion's Song.

EverQuest's Claws Of Veeshan Expansion Now Free For All Players

EverQuest has added its Claws of Veeshan expansion to its roster of free expansions this week, as well as added new content for guilds in the form of raid banners.

EverQuest Begins Rolling Out Its UI Engine Overhaul

EverQuest's new UI engine is now ready for the live servers. The team is rolling it out gradually, and you can scale, resize, and customize some UI windows now.