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Say Hello to the Cleric, Elementalist, and Tempest

It's been a while since we've heard much from SOE on EverQuest Next. Much of the past year has been about Landmark, the building and creative cousin of EverQuest Next. For months, EQN fans have been asking "when are you going to work on EverQuest Next?" What Dave Georgeson told us on Wednesday was that they have been working on Next the whole time... and it's called Landmark. Read on to find out just what he meant...

Making the New World Feel Authentic

During last weekend's SOE Live, one of the most-attended panels was the one that featured a look at the lore of EverQuest Next. In our latest EQN article, we take a look at the changes (and similarities!) to the existing lore. See what we heard and then let us know what you think in the comments.

The Class Panel Recap

We had our boots on the ground and butts in the seats at all the EverQuest Next panels this past weekend at SOE Live. Today, we're recapping the panel that focused on classes and characters in EQN.

The World of EQN Panel Recap

We've got our boots on the ground and butts in the seats for all of the EverQuest Next panels this weekend at SOE Live. First up, the World of EQN. Read on for more information on how it will change and be shaped by player actions.

The Future of the MMORPG Lies in Norrath

Today, right now in Las Vegas, Nevada SOE is pulling back the veil on the incredibly anticipated EverQuest Next. In the this momentous installment of the venerable series, they're returning to their roots and pushing a genre to its limits. Read on for our exclusive preview of what awaits you in the new Norrath.