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An MMO In Its Own Right

According to a new interview at Forbes.com, EverQuest Next: Landmark is described by Dave Georgeson as a "full blown MMO" and that combat elements were always supposed to be a part of the game world. While most have assumed that Landmark was the building/modding arm for EQN, it simply isn't so.

Contested Content Question Answered

Dave Georgeson takes to the airwaves to answer the latest round table question: Contested Content: Yea or nay. Non-contested is instanced, contested is competitive for spawns and bosses. The plurality of people (46%) want a mix of contested/non-contested content.

Time Lapse Building Landmark Style

Sony Online entertainment has released a brand new time lapse video to show off the building process in Everquest Next: Landmark. It shows what players will be able to do in the sandbox environment being created by the SOE EQN team. Let us know what you think!

Build It and Fight In It

Dave Georgeson, Director of Development on EverQuest Next, sent out a Tweet indicating that players will not only be able to build custom worlds in EverQuest Next: Landmark, but also will be able to fight in it!

All Races Can Play All Classes

Despite 40% of Round Table respondents indicating that they would prefer some class restrictions based on race, the EverQuest Next developers have opted not to limit races from playable classes. To explain their reasons for the decision, the team has released a video. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

New Video Producer's Letter Released

EverQuest Next and EverQuest Landmark Senior Producer Terry Michaels hosts a video producer's letter. In it, he lets players know what the discussion will be centered on for the next month in EQN: Landmark: Globetrotting (how continents are put together, etc.) and Break It/Take It/Make It. Michaels also indicates that the EQN roundtable discussions will continue as well.

Building a Better AI

The Storybricks team is working hand-in-hand with the EverQuest Next team to design the AI that will control the game when it is released. Recently, participated in an interview with EQ Nexus to talk more about what Storybricks is and how it came about. It's a fascinating interview that gives a lot of insight into the innovative process.

'Landmark' Building Process Demoed in New Timelapse Videos

Sony Online Entertainment released a trio of timelapse videos for EverQuest Next Landmark today showing off the possible results of the game's impressive and powerful building tools.

Wikia Community Lab Announced

To help generate buzz and accurate information about EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment and Wiki have announced the formation of the Wikia Lab where "superfans", acknowleged leaders in all things EQN, will apply their skills. By year's end, the team will be as large as one hundred writers.

Game On Podcast #19 - EverQuest Next Special

Welcome back to Game On: Epic Slant Press Edition! We're pleased to bring you a special episode focused entirely on EverQuest Next. Adam and Chris have a long history with the franchise and are excited to break down just what's in store. If you're interested in the future of MMOs, this is an episode you can't afford to miss. Remember, if you enjoy the podcast, you can help its producers by leaving us a 5-star iTunes review!

Beta Sign-Ups Begin; EverQuest Worlds App Released

Sign-ups for the beta tests for both EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark have (officially, this time) begun. In addition, SOE has released an app called "EverQuest Worlds" that will allow gamers to "earn prizes and gain access to EverQuest Next content and news" by participating in the app's quest content.

EQN Revealed, World Building "Landmark" Released This Winter

Today in Las Vegas during the annual SOE Live convention, Sony Online Entertainment revealed not only the much-anticipated EverQuest Next, but also that EverQuest Next: Landmark will be releasing this winter. A world building F2P game along the lines of Minecraft but set in Norrath will tie players to developers as they craft EverQuest Next as a team.

SOE Live - Jeremy Soule Composing EverQuest Next

Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, among others) has been announced as the composer for EverQuest Next and now is in-house working with SOE on Norrath's music.

Beta Sign-Ups Go Up Briefly, Taken Down

Beta sign-ups for the soon-to-be-unveiled EverQuest Next went up briefly this afternoon and were subsequently taken down. This looks to have been an accident, but it appears some gamers were able to squeeze their sign-ups in during the window in which they were still available.

Don't Miss Smed's Keynote Tonight

SOE's John Smedley will be giving tonight's keynote address at SOE Live in Las Vegas. A cryptic tweet has appeared on Omeed Dariani's page that entices players and fans to be sure to watch: