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EverQuest Next Articles

New Classes Revealed

EQNextFans.com has gotten hold of the latest PC Gamer magazine in which several EverQuest Next classes are revealed. Among them are the Beastmaster, Cleric, Necromancer and Rogue.

Holidays? Yea or Nay?

Omeed Dariani and Darrin McPherson take part in the latest EverQuest Next roundtable video. In this latest installment, the pair discuss in-game holidays, where they fit in, why they happen, what they mean and much more. Check it out and leave us your thoughts on in-game holidays in the comments.

Death Penalties Discussed in Latest Round Table

The latest round table question from EverQuest Next has been published and centers around the death penalty. The discussion in the video begins about the design philosophy behind death penalties in general and segues into the guidelines surrounding death penalties. The team is looking for player input so head to the official site to add your voice to the comments.

Latest Roundtable Discusses Fast Travel

The latest developer roundtable video for EverQuest Next features members of the EQN development team discussing one of the hot topics of the moment: fast travel.

New Dev Diary Highlights Crafting - Tools and Materials

A brand new dev diary from the EQ Next and Landmark guys at SOE details some of the thoughts and decisions on what the games will have in store for crafters when it comes to tools and materials.

Moddable UI? Yea or Nay?

The latest EverQuest Next round table issue for players to express an opinion about is whether or not the game should have a moddable user interface. The team has a poll set up and players can also voice and opinion via Twitter.

One Guild Per Character or More?

Jeff Butler takes on the latest Everquest Next Roundtable. This week's question and community response centers on the question "One guild per character or more?" According to the video, the response from the community is pretty evenly split.

Latest Roundtable: Public vs Private Building in Landmark

The latest EverQuest Next Roundtable video has been published. Terry Michaels discusses the last public poll: "How do you feel about public versus private building in EverQuest Next: Landmark?" In addition, brand manager Omeed Dariani lets loose a little tidbit about the forthcoming Landmark beta.

Start Your Engines! Beta Sign Ups Begin for ALL Regions

Fans of EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next: Landmark will want to head to the links below to sign up for each game's beta test. All regions will have the opportunity to take part in one, or both, of the upcoming SOE titles. Previously regions outside NA had not bee officially cleared for sign up.

Thoughts on the Little People

Art Director Rosie Rapaport spends time on the EverQuest Next site talking about the latest roundtable discussion. This time, the question is "what is your favorite small race?" The poll is to give the team direct feedback to make an impact on the developers' decision about which will make it into the game, though it's not a given that the lower-percentage races will be cut.

New Video Producer's Letter & Live Stream Announcement

Terry Michaels, Senior Producer on EverQuest Next and EQN: Landmark has released the latest producer's letter that focuses on what fans can expect in the next few weeks. In this edition, Michaels announces the new live stream series that will debut on October 16th, a new novella, more lore reveals, and more.

Game On Podcast #27: Producers of the EverQuest Franchise

Welcome back to another week of Game On: Epic Slant Press Edition. We have an extra special episode for you today as we were joined last week by the producers of the EverQuest franchise. From the early roots of EQ1 to the open doors of EQ2 and the high aspirations of EverQuest Next and Landmark, this is an episode filled with Norrathian goodness. It is an episode not to be missed!

Globe Trotting in the Latest Developer Diary

The 2nd developer diary for EverQuest Next is up on the official SOE YouTube and this time focuses on exploring the world with Creative Director Jeff Butler, and Art Director Rosie Rappaport.

Devs Speak out on Friends Lists in EQ Next

In case you missed it yesterday, the SOE devs are speaking out about how they're thinking of handling Friends Lists across EQ Next and Landmark. Read on for the video.

Break It, Take It, Make It Dev Diary Arrives

Terry Michaels and Jeff Butler host the first EverQuest Next: Landmark developer diary called "Break It, Take It, Make It". In it, the pair discuss how players can find and collect materials and use those resources to create items. Check it out to learn more about how "crafting" will work in EverQuest Next: Landmark.