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EverQuest Next Articles

Time Lapsing and World Making

In our latest look at EverQuest Next, we take a look back at last week's news and offer analysis about what was said. This week, in particular, we center on the day/night cycle, specialty servers and how quickly a world can be built. Check it out before heading to the comments to add your voice to the discussion.

Explaining It All

A separate pair of interesting features cropped up last week to help explain exactly what EverQuest Next: Landmark is and how it differs from EverQuest Next itself. We take a look at what was revealed and offer a few thoughts. Read on and then head to the comments to chat.

Day and Night & Good Discussions

In our latest EverQuest Next column, we take a look at the most recent Community Round Table released by the team and the discussion of day-night cycles. See what we gathered from the video and then head to the comments to offer your thoughts.

The Storytelling Toolbox

It was a big week in EverQuest Next this week with the release of the latest Round Table in which the dev team spoke about story and lore. Check out our thoughts about what was said before adding your own ideas to the comments.

No Class Race Restriction is a Good Thing

The EverQuest Next team announced earlier this week that there would be no race-based class restrictions, something that a plurality of players voted in favor of in one of the "round table" polls on the official site. We take a look at that decision and why we think it was the right one. Find out why and then join the conversation in the comments.

Can Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth?

Sony Online Entertainment is very proud of the fact that a "new level of player-developer interaction" has been introduced as EverQuest Next is in development. But can a little interaction produce more than too much? We have a few thoughts to share on the issue. See what we think before heading to the comments.

Class Roles Are A Riot

In most MMOs, player roles are fairly well defined. In EverQuest Next, however, players will be met with a fluid ability to choose what role will fit various situations they encounter. In our latest EQN column, we take a look at how that might look. See what we think before heading to the comments.

5 Things We LIKE About EQ Next

Now that we've had a couple weeks to digest the news regarding EverQuest Next, it's time to reflect on the things that struck us as simply amazing. See what we chose before adding your thoughts in the comments.

An EQ Noob’s Reaction to EverQuest Next

Whether you're a longtime fan or series newbie, the game design and technology behind EverQuest Next could have far-reaching impact for the genre. This week, we're offering our take on the announcement as an admitted EQ newbie.

Why EQN Could Be Huge for Community

This week's Social Hub is focusing on the recently revealed EverQuest Next and why SOE's gamble could be a huge deal for MMO communities.

Five Things We Don’t Want in EverQuest Next

Last week we took a look at five things we'd really love to see in EverQuest Next. This week, we look at the flip side and offer our choices for things we do not want to see in EQN. See if you agree before adding your choices in the comments.

Our EverQuest Next Wish List

EverQuest Next will finally debut into the light next week during the annual SOE Live convention in Las Vegas. As we try to contain our own budding excitement, we have The List to offer today of the things we would like to see featured in EQN. See if you agree before adding your own list to the comments.

A Different Kind of Norrath

As we slowly march towards the seminal day of August 2nd, speculation has already begun to mount about what exactly EverQuest Next will be. In our new column devoted to EQN, we talk a bit about what SOE has revealed so far and opine about a few other topics. See what we have to say before adding your voice to the comments.

What We Want to Know About EQNext

Sony Online Entertainment is getting ready to blow the lid off of EverQuest Next during this summer's SOE Live in August. Thinking about EQN, we came up with several things we really want to know about the game. Check out our thoughts before heading to the comments to tell us what you'd like to know about EQN.