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'Could You Have Delivered?' 'Yup, absolutely' Says Georgeson

Dave Georgeson, beloved EverQuest franchise lead until 2015 has been very active on Twitter since last week's announcement that EverQuest Next has stopped production. When asked if he could have delivered EQN according to its original vision, Georgeson simply answered, "Yup, absolutely."

MMOFTW - EverQuest Next is Cancelled

Hello and welcome to another MMOFTW here on MMORPG.com. What a week it was if you like bad things happening. Right off the bat, we’ll get the biggest bad news out of the way: EverQuest Next has been canceled. But wait, there's more! Watch and learn all the news that matters this week...

Russell Shanks on the Cancellation and Future of the EverQuest Franchise

Today, after more than a year in the dark, it was announced by Daybreak Games that development has ceased on the highly anticipated MMORPG, EverQuest Next. As players and fans, we’ve been in limbo for so long, but it still comes as a blow that such a wildly impressive concept will never see the light of day.

'Falling Short of Finding the Fun', Development Ceases

Daybreak's Russell Shanks has published a letter on the EverQuest Next site that announces the sad news that the game has been cancelled. Citing big dreams, Shanks said that the development had fallen "short of finding the fun".

Daybreak says, "When we're ready, you'll know."

Today we reached out to Daybreak Studios to ask them about that thing we've all been eagerly awaiting for over two years: EverQuest Next. Well, we're still going to be waiting, but just as former President John Smedley said, we were assured today EverQuest Next is indeed still being hammered away on.

Players Assisting in Developing Halas

Everquest Next is working in concert with Landmark players to create some of the locations within Halas. The newly announced contest features a fantastic Style Guide on The Workshop forum to help guide creationists along as they prepare for the contest.

The Workshop Previews Elves & the Takish Empire

EverQuest Next is alive and well judging by the latest Workshop Show that shines the spotlight on Elves and the Takish Empire. In addition, devs show off some character concept art.

Smedley Reassures Fans that EQN Development Continues

Daybreak Game Company CEO John Smedley has gone on record as saying that EverQuest Next is not vaporware and that development continues on the next chapter in the long-running series of games.

New Novella Available for Download

The EverQuest Next site has been updated with a notice that a brand new novella based on the game world has been released. Penned by Maxwell Alexander Drake, the novella is entitled "Dreaming in the Shadow".

Forum Consolidation Part of "Corporate Restructuring"

A new notice has been posted on the EverQuest Next main forum that lets users know that both the Lore and General Discussion forums will be shut down effective immediately. In the short term, the forums have been temporarily archived as 'read-only' but will disappear for good in April. Daybreak's Dexella cites corporate restructuring as the reason behind the forum closure.

Saying Goodbye to Storybricks

Victor shares his thoughts on the Storybricks shutdown, and wonders what it means for the tech of Storybricks itself

Consoles Possible in the Future, Storybricks Ties Cut

In last Friday's EverQuest Next / Landmark live stream, Terry Michaels revealed that, while the team is currently focused on the PC version of the game, there is the possibility it will be delivered to consoles at some point in the future. "It's really in our heads to see it on consoles." Michaels said.

The Daily Quest - What Do You Want From EQNext?

Daybreak games says it's still very much alive, and Terry Michaels is one of the devs still leading the charge, so what do YOU want to see from EQ Next in 2015? What will affirm your faith in the studio after its layoffs and convince you that EQN is on track?

On Removing Pillars of the Everquest Community

I’m trying my best right now to be eloquent about the recent news of layoffs in Daybreak Game Company. Sadly, it’s 4:00 am as I write this, a reactionary submission to MMORPG.com in light of my tenure as the Everquest Next and Landmark columnist.

 Dave Georgeson and Linda Carlson Let Go from Daybreak

When SOE turned into Daybreak Game Studio after being acquired by investment company Columbus Nova, readers began to speculate when staff shake ups would begin. A week later and rumors are beginning to float our way that at least two major players at Daybreak have received pink slips.