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EverQuest II Reviews

EverQuest 2: Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Review

EverQuest II Visions of Vetrovia is the latest expansion, launched on December 2nd, 2021. For a game released in 2004, EQ2 is still looking pretty good. But how have the developers at Darkpaw Games done with recent additions/changes to the game, and is the expansion a success? Find out in Kevin's review.

Chaos within Kunark

Kunark Ascending, EverQuest II’s 13th expansion, continues two major storylines of Norrath: the Greenmist and the rise of Lanys T’Vyl. The northern reaches of Kunark has been opened up, introducing one new overland zone (Obulus Frontier) as well as several dungeons—including iconic EverQuest zones such as the Crypt of Dalnir, Kaesora, and the City of Mist.

Journeys Into Subterranean Norrath

The ancient kingdom of Maldura, not heard from since before the Shattering, has made a desperate call for help to those residing aboveground. Their messages, unclear by the time they reached the surface, prompt the heroes of Norrath—those who have achieved level 100—to take action and delve into the unknown.

Age of Discovery Review

In early December, EverQuest II officially went 'free to play' and the "Age of Discovery" expansion was released at the same time. In our latest combo video and text review, we take a look at EQ II: AoD to see how it measures up to the glory days of the franchise. Check it out in your favorite format and then let us know what you think in the comments.

A World of Adventure and Discovery

Norrath, as MMORPG.com's Robert Schroeder says, has been the MMO "home" of countless players for many years. Everquest II is an enduring classic game that continues to attract new players. In our ongoing effort to re-review games that consistently show progress and improvement, MMORPG.com takes a look at Everquest II. Read what Robert has to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

EverQuest II: Re-Review

Staff Writer Adele Caelia pens this re-review of Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest II.

EverQuest II: Kingdom of the Sky Review

We take a peek at SOE's latest expansion.

EverQuest 2: Desert of Flames Review

It won our Best Expansion of 2005. Now Rob Hinman turns a critical eye to it.

EverQuest II: Splitpaw Saga Review

James Pittiglio takes a critical look at EverQuest II's adventure pack add on.

EverQuest II Review

MMORPG.com's exclusive review of EverQuest II