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EverQuest II Articles

The Rum Cellar Campaign

EverQuest 2 has been a little quiet since SOE became Daybreak Games, but that changes today. We spoke with Holly Longdale about the first new Campaign (a $15 DLC) due out on April 28th: The Rum Cellar. Read on to find out all about the drunken monk mercenary and a woman who attacks you with her own severed arm.

A Look Ahead to Altar of Malice

Recently, we were invited by Sony Online Entertainment to preview EverQuest II's upcoming expansion, Altar of Malice. This eleventh expansion for the ten-year-old MMO will add a new playable race, the previously-announced Aerakyn (more on them at a later date), and several new areas and dungeons for players to visit.

The Future of EverQuest II

One might think, given that Sony Online Entertainment is actively building EverQuest Next in the form of Landmark, that the two elder EQ games would be going on cruise control as SOE shifts assets to focus on the new shinies. This statement could not be any further than the truth.

Exploring Tears of Veeshan

EverQuest 2, even with all the hoopla surrounding EverQuest Next, is still a juggernaut with fans and developers. The latest expansion, Tears of Veeshan, looks to continue building the fanbase. We took time to check out ToV and have a full preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments.

EverQuest and EverQuest 2's New Expansions

Despite this past weekend being all about EQ Next, both the original and its sequel are also trucking on with brand new expansions later this year. Read on for details on both.

The Darkness Dawns Today

The latest in a long string of updates to EverQuest 2, Darkness Dawns, is slated to hit live service today, July 23rd. We were able to attend a tour of Darkness Dawns and have a terrific preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments to talk about it.

Exploring Scars of the Awakened

We recently went on a guided tour of the most recent EverQuest 2 update, Scars of the Awakened. Find out more about what you can expect in Scars before heading to the comments to discuss!

Chains of Eternity Preview

Chains of Eternity is EverQuest II's ninth expansion and we recently had the opportunity to take a tour of some of the new content that players will discover when it launches. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

SOEmote Revolutionizing Role-play

During E3, we managed to get a good first-hand look at Sony Online Entertainment's new tech feature called SOEmote, a feature that is set to be implemented in EverQuest 2. Don't know what SOEmote is? You will after checking out our hands on experience. Read on!

Age of Discovery & Freeport Reborn Preview

Recently, Sony Online Entertainment announced that EverQuest II will be moving to a hybrid free to play revenue model on December 6th and that Age of Discovery, the game's latest expansion, would be launching near then as well. We recently had the opportunity to check out the Age of Discovery, including a look at Game Update 62 "Freeport Reborn" and the new Beastmaster. Check it out and then leave us your reaction in the comments.

Rise of Kunark Guided Tour

As a follow-up to her hands-on time with EverQuest II's new Rise of Kunark expansion, Community Manager Laura Genender took part in a recent guided tour of the expansion's new zone. Today, she shares her experience.

Rise of Kunark Preview

Recently, our Community Manager, Laura Genender was invited to San Francisco to attend Sony Online Entertainment's "Step Into Fall" event where she got a chance to have a first hand look at the upcoming expansion for EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark.

Echoes of Faydwer Preview

It launches today, get our preview hot off the presses as Carolyn Koh reports.

Expansion Preview

Carolyn Koh learns about their expansion and adventure packs.

Kingdom of the Sky First Look

Mike Jobbagy has been playing and had a tour of Kingdom of the Sky. He files this report.